Download Miwuki : the app to adopt pets and make donations to protector – Android/IOS

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Download Miwuki : the app to adopt pets and make donations to protector – Android/IOS

Have you decided to self-regain a pertrel or gatete to make a company and become your best friend? What do you think if you stop going to animal shops looking for a puppy and adopted?

There are thousands of pets that are abandoned each year and who are waiting for someone to give them a home and pamper. Adopt is much cheaper than buying, more satisfactory at a personal level, does not favor indiscriminate breeding and has a much more noble ends, because in doing so you will be saving a life and giving a second chance.

Adopting a pet is much simpler than you think. A mobile application called Miwuki allows you to do it directly from your smartphone and with just a couple of steps. Once you enter the app you have the opportunity to browse your main screen to meet the hairy that are looking for a family or perform a search in the search engine.

Among the filters that can be configured to serify better are country, species, sex, size and state (in adoption, urgent, in reception or reserved). It is not possible to try to locate an animal per race, since the impulsors of the APP believe that it is a way of discrimination and do not want pure breed animals to be more likely than the rest.

In the tab of each animal you can view your photos, the protector in which you find, know data such as your sex, age, size and if you have a microchip and read a description of your history or character. You can also consult some aspects of your behavior and what is your adoption rate in case you have. There is a heart to mark your favorites and at the bottom there is a button that says Contact so that you ask for the hairy that has fallen in love with you.

The tool allows you to find dogs, cats, but also rabbits, horses, pigs, ferrets, donkeys, rodents, birds and reptiles, although not at all times there are all these species available. Miwuki not only helps you find a pet to adopt and take home, but also gives the possibility of sponnecking animals or making donations to protectors. 500 protevers and associations of animals from Spain and Latin America have already been discharged on the platform and use it to manage, disseminate and achieve financing.

The APP was created a few months ago by Álvaro de Francisco and Álvaro Serrano, the first graduate in veterinary by the University of Murcia and the second computer engineer.

Miwuki is available on Google Play and the web for free. In the Android store the application has already exceeded 50,000 downloads.

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