Download My Pet Talk, an app with which you will laugh – IOS/Android

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Download My Pet Talk, an app with which you will laugh – IOS/Android

If you have a dog, cat or any other pet, it is likely that you have ever sighed and thought “oh, if my pet spoke.” Well, you know you can do it, or at least virtually.

Today we analyze a curious game in which you can give life to your pet and make him say what you want. The result will be the less funny and also will make a few laughs to you and your friends.

How to download My Pet Talk

My Pet Speaks is an app available in the iOS and iPadOS App Store. If it is the first time you download it, you will find that as soon as you enter, you are informed about the paid version. For a week you will have a free trial period to later start paying a subscription per year of € 25.49. This monthly amounts to just over € 2, which is not too high a price but it can be strange because it is not an essential app but a punctual hobby.

In the previous version of My Pet Speech there was no subscription, but a single price for the single download that did not reach € 5. If you got to download that version before, you will find that in the new one you are offered up to 1 year of free use, afterwards, if you renew the subscription, you will pay € 25.49 per year.

What can you do with My Pet Talk

As we said at the beginning, and as the name of the app says, we can give voice to our pet. Upon entering the app you will find an interface that highlights photos of some pets that you can use as a test. Dogs, cats, bears, horses and even dolphins. In addition, the app highlights certain photographs at certain times, such as pets dressed in Christmas decorations when it is December.

Any animal that you can think of can be used for this app. Of course, you can include the photos you want yourself. You just have to press the + button that appears at the top of the interface above “Create new”. It is also allowed to take the photo at the time, for which you must give permissions to the app to access the camera. Once you have chosen the photo you want to import and you have adjusted the frame, you will find a panel like the one in the following image.

You will see that different points appear with indications of eyes, mouth, chin and others that represent the shape of the face. You must place each of these points on the corresponding part of the pet. You are also allowed to activate the pointed ears option, which is useful if your animal has the ears in this way and you want them to go according to the rest of the parts in the final result. The possibility of adding your pet to the highlights section is also added. Prior to this you can select an option in which your facial gestures are tracked while you make the subsequent recording.

Once you have placed all the points and pressed the corresponding button to continue, you will find the recording panel. Here you must press the REC button to start recording your voice. The left and right indicators are used to adjust the speed and tone of your recording. If for example you want to give your pet’s voice tenderness, you will have to raise the tone parameter, while if you want to give it a more aggressive personality it will have to move down.

The end result can be a hoot. If you placed the points well, you will see that the animal turns its head, moves its mouth and even blinks while it speaks. The video that is created at the end can be saved in your gallery or shared with your family and friends through social networks or messaging apps. In addition, and although it is not what it is intended for or is just as realistic, you can experiment with photos of people to put your voice to yourself. Surely more than one falls back from laughter to see it.

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