Adopt Charlie as your new virtual pet and get something cooler than a talking cat … a talking dog!

The virtual pet in My Dog that speaks Virtual 2, is named after Charlie II, and is the heir of our first game, My Dog that speaks Virtual, which has more than 10 million users and is here to reign the world of Virtual pet care games. You can say with confidence, my virtual pet will accompany me forever! Discover what makes our games take care of virtual dogs so special. Join the fun!

In the talking puppy games, you can customize the style of clothes and hair of your virtual pet, and also the interior design of your home and play super cute mini games, creating a perfect world for both of you. With all these customization’s you can say, this is my personal virtual pet! As with any dog ​​or cat game that talks, you will have to keep Charlie II fed, bathed, with clean teeth and you should take him to do his needs. Virtual pet care games also mean caring for the puppy when he is sick or helping him fall asleep. The animals that talk inside the virtual pet care games deserve as good treatment as a real pet and who better than you to give it to them! In this virtual dog care game you will meet your best friend and they will both grow together!


  • Talk to Charlie II and you will see how he becomes the most tender virtual pet that repeats everything you say with a funny voice.
  •  10 fun mini games: Dog Coloring Games, etc.
  •  Feed Charlie II when he’s hungry
  •  Buy potions to help your virtual pet
  •  Touch the sink to brush your teeth
    SEL SELFIE MODE – take a selfie with Charlie and share it with your friends
  •  Go through the levels and watch your virtual pet grow and become a big and beautiful adult dog.
  •  Collect coins to buy clothes, decorations and potions to personalize Charlie II and say this is my special virtual pet
  •  Change the inside of your pet’s house
  •  Play change your clothes until you find the perfect combination

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