If you are a pet lover and want to instill the same feeling in your child, here is what you can do. Download My Virtual Pet Shop from Play Store and hand it over to your child, it is one of those ‘feel good’ games which are ideal for our children.

Instead of playing crazy car chases games, this is the sort of game which you should let your child play. So you might be wandering what this game is all about. Well, we will get into that, however before that you should download My Virtual Pet Shop from Play Store.

This truly is a great app for kids as they get a chance to run their own pet shop, owners come with their pets and you have to cater their demands. For instance an owner comes with his cat and wants her hair cut, so you drop her cat to the trimming counter. Similarly if a dog owner wants to bathe his dog, you take him to the shower area. Managing multiple customers is the real challenge in this app and this is where the learning curve lies. Your child gets to learn a lot from this amazing application.

You get points and can take up daily challenges; this is a great app for kids as it lets them hone their managing skills. Moreover it also instills the love for animals in them. If you are browsing for an app which could also prove vital for your kid’s learning, you won’t find a better alternative than My Virtual Pet Shop. Download the app from the Play Store and get started.


  •  Four different activities: pet grooming, pet doctor, pet bath, pet dressing
  •  Simple gameplay for pet lovers of all ages
  •  Upgradeable items: improve your shop to grow your business
  •  Cute kittens and puppies of all breeds
  •  Fast-paced fun with challenging mini games
  •  Beautiful illustrations and animations

My Virtual Pet Shop is receiving raving reviews from users all over the globe and with every passing day, users are integrating new features in the app, which makes it more interesting. If you have kids and want to give them an experience of running their own shop, here is your chance to do so. Moreover if your kids want a pet, you should first let him play this game as this would serve as a heads-up for him as he would get to know the needs of pets. This is also a valuable gaming app for older people as they get to pass their time, doing something they love. However all of this can only be done if you have the app in your phone, so visit the Play Store and download My Virtual Pet Shop.

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