From a girl enjoying the beach with her doggo to a guy strumming his guitar, these images look so awesome, you could easily mistaken them for stills of a feature-length animation movie.


Curious photos of cats and dogs go viral on social media. Now many pet owners have joined the new trend of sharing photos of their animals in animated characters thanks to the free application.

Well, that’s exactly what Lance Phan can do. He’s a super talented 3D artist who can make anyone look like a bonafide animated character from any Pixar film.

If you have wondered or imagined how your pet would look if it were a Painting in Watercolor character, now Snapchat has a filter so that your dog is a Disney version, with which it can now be worthy of being the protagonist of any movie or animated cartoon.

This is Painting in Watercolor, which is available on Snapchat. The reality is that this tool was originally executed for human use, however, the quarantine has made more than one creative and someone experimented with their pet, which paid off and now there are hundreds of photos on social networks that show how their pets look like cartoons, so this filter has taken on a certain popularity as was the FaceApp filter that changed your gender at the time.

One of its recently launched filters is succeeding in recent days and allows you to change the real eyes of any cat or dog for ones in the cartoonish style, very cute, similar to those of Disney pet characters. By applying it you can download the image and share it on other social networks.

To get to use it, this is what you have to do:

-Download The App or, and take look in the filters section.

-There, select the one identified with the name «Painting in Watercolor».

-Then, enable the mobile camera and activate the video mode or to take a picture.

–The function is only for animals so, you must point to your pet and when determining that it is a dog, a cat or a bird, the Snapchat function will transform it in real time.

You must bear in mind that this filter is not made for dogs or cats, as mentioned above, so the results may not be as optimal as you expect, but try several times until you achieve it (but without forcing and hurting your pet), it is a fact that it can, proof of this are the images that circulate on social networks.

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