Download New Muslims Messenger ‘ Muzmatch’ For Married From Muslims Girls , Chechen and Saudis Girls !!!

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Download New Muslims Messenger ‘ Muzmatch’ For Married From Muslims Girls , Chechen and Saudis Girls !!!

“If you’re looking for a unique Muslim marriage, then you’ve come to the right place,” says Muzmatch, the free Muslim dating application that works in much the same way as the well-known Tinder, connecting people close to each other and with common interests. Finding a match between Muslims is not easy, unless you have previous recommendations from family members, and this app seems to solve – or at least reduce – this inconvenience.

Beyond the similarities with its western counterpart, Muzmatch is more oriented to connect followers of Islam “with a view to marriage”, according to Shahzad Younas, CEO and founder of Muzmatch. More than 300,000 people from different parts of the world already rely on Tinder Halal – permitted in Islam.

The average age of users of Muzmatch is 27 years, and the proportion is two thirds of men compared to a third of women, which Shahzad says is in line with other dating applications. Almost half of the application’s customers are from the United Kingdom, and another third from the US and Canada. According to the creators of the app, more than 70% have university education.

The creators of the free application for iOS and Android where single Muslims meet leave no loose ends and choose to reach a heterogeneous audience. “We want to serve all Muslims, from those who practice their religion a lot to those who do not.”

WhatsApp is  one of the most famous app in social media recently whatsapp is working on a video-calling feature. the Facebook-owned messaging service is also testing a feature that will allow users to invite people to a group via NFC tags as well a new group invite feature.

WhatsApp is currently beta testing the video-calling feature for iOS and android which is only available on few devices running the beta version of the app. Android Police has put out screenshots from users, who help translate WhatsApp to different languages. The report says the users had received ‘new strings to translate, including Video call’ and that ‘Video calling is unavailable at this time’. While voice-calling was announced last year, it appears to be the natural next step of progression for WhatsApp.

The new beta app shall give access to users of the video calling function, the video calling feature in WhatsApp is one of the much awaited features which have been anticipating for some time now.

Once this function will be enabled within the app, it will give the application a significant edge and also prove to be a tough competition for the existing rivals in the market. Till date video calling feature was only available in some of the applications i.e. Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Viber etc. Till date, Skype still remains as one of the best options for users when it comes to video calling.

The emergence of WhatsApp video calling shall be revolutionary for users in various ways. We have the largest number of users on WhatsApp which amounts to approx. 1 billion active users. Some of the major reasons for increase in demand and use are the obsession of users to have access to the encrypted data and also deal with the obsession of privacy.

With the kind of features and privacy available in the application, it seems users would be all the more excited to make use of the video calling feature which shall further maintain their privacy and give users an upper hand to give a try to the new feature. While there is so much excitement amongst the users to make use of the WhatsApp video calling feature, it would also be interesting to see if this feature can be used or supported in case of WhatsApp groups or not

So you can give ‘match’

The operation of the App is very similar to Tinder, but it has two different parts where you can meet your better half. On the one hand, there is Discover, which uses an algorithm like Tinder’s and collects close profiles that could be interesting for the user. Members can slide the screen to the right or to the left-depending on whether or not the other person likes it-and, if both parties like each other, the couple can start talking.

On the other hand, there is the Explore tool, which filters out other singles by age and location.

The free application also offers premium subscriptions that allow you to purchase additional features, such as the ability to pair with someone before they have liked (as a way to attract their attention).

There are some other differences in how men and women experience the application, such as women who have more detailed controls on who can see their photos and the ability to see more profiles per day before getting a cap.

Unique control and verification systems

One of the things that makes Muzmatch unique is its extensive verification process. All profiles are manually examined by the administration team that confirms users by SMS messages and by GPS location. In addition, everyone has to take a selfie to verify their account, they can only see 15 profiles per day and, in case of registering a rude behavior of any of them, is expelled from the service.

Singles in the app also have the ability to keep their photos hidden until they are ready, and can use a nickname. This helps members feel more comfortable until they get to know someone suitable, and keeps them anonymous to friends and family.

All this is complemented with the optional function of the ‘Wali’, Guardian, by which all the chats integrated in the application are sent by email to a tutor who ensures that the company’s regulations are complied with and helps to avoid Obscene behavior

The Muzmatch team ensures that “you can find your prince” if you use this App.

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