Often, we live our daily lives in a hurry. Between work and household chores it keeps us busy, until we can no longer even take a walk and exercise our dog. Faced with this problem, Petometer was created, an application that will help us in this task.

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This application is of great help. It alerts you through an alarm at the time you should go out with your dog. It also counts the walk in three ways, to see how much exercise your pet has done. In this way, it not only counts the time and the distance of the walk, but also measures the pace of the walk, through a map in Google Maps.

The best thing about this app is that it shows you the large number of exercises that your dog can practice. You can also share the activities carried out through the Facebook networks. This way it will help you remember it and know what you did during that day with your dog.

This application is very easy to use and although it is in English, it is very intuitive and simple. To start using it, you just have to create a profile with your photo and that of your dog.

Perometer was created as part of a Purina and Trial Retail Media company project to help owners schedule walks with their pets. You can find it on IOS and Android devices.

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