Download POOPER, the app so that others pick up the cows of your dog

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Download POOPER, the app so that others pick up the cows of your dog

Are you tired of having to take out your dog and pick up the excrement of him and again and again? Do you hate to hold those small bags while through them you feel the cousins ​​of your hot and malleable pet? Now others can do it for you thanks to collaborative consumption.

POOPER is a mobile application that will allow you to enjoy a park time with your best friend, forgetting to clean the area when you do your needs. And is that the Sharing Economy gives this kind of satisfaction: you can always pay for others to make what you do not want to cook, drive, iron clothes, make shots, etc.

With POOPER you simply have to mark the place where you can have left ‘gift’, sending a photo of it and a scooper will come and quickly pick it up. You do not have to stay waiting for it to arrive and do the work. This uber from dog cows is able to warn you when the street drainage is arranged.

There are three different plans ranging from $ 15 a month up to 35. The last of them allows unlimited excrement with a radius of action also without limits.

It is an economic and good service for the environment. In addition, ScoOpers use recyclable bags. The creators of the application ensure that it is at this time in Beta and is being tested in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, they indicate that at its next testing phase they hope to expand at the national level.

POOPER is too nice to be real. Everything points out that it is one of those Fake applications that someone has created in a joke plan. At least it is quite suspicious that there is no contact information on your website. When you send an email to be interested in work as ScoOper refer you to a post office.

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