Download PUBG on Mobile – APK – (Android/IOS) !!

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Download PUBG on Mobile – APK – (Android/IOS) !!

Today everyone seems to be crazy about PUBG, however do you know what is the real USP of this amazing game, apart from the fact that it has got one of the most realistic real world graphics, the reason behind its wild success is that it is perhaps the first single person shooter game on mobile, where you are playing with real people.

Where earlier you were dealing with computer, now you are playing with real people and another thing that you can actually team up, is what made this amazing game shareable and it eventually blew up all records.

Previously mobile games were thought of being small and the scale was pretty limited, however everything has changed with PUBG, it is a true trendsetter in all regards. It is a perfect blend of graphics, game play and networking and hence no one could actually deny the fact that the popularity which PUBG is enjoying at the current moment is unparalleled. People all across the world are playing this game and are actually spending most of their day time on this game, it is so well crafted that one seems to lost track of time, as soon as the plane takes off.

Now there have been games which did one thing right, like there are games like Angry Birds which offered great experience but that experience could not be shared with friends and peers, and now suddenly everything went for the toss, PUBG came and conquered the entire arena. Best thing about PUBG is that it will open new corridors for game designers as they know that even single person shooter games, if designed nicely could appeal to such a mass audience. If you still haven’t downloaded the most sought after game on Play Store, we don’t know what you’ve been doing for the past two months. Go to Play Store and download PUBG mobile right away.

PUBG is a revolutionary game and it soon would be available on Play Station as well, this is the first time that a mobile game has been picked up for Play Station and this too would be a great motivation for mobile game creators and designers. People have been playing mobile games for past two decades but none of those games enjoyed the wild success as PUBG. Henceforth if you too want to see what we are talking about, all you need to do is go Play Store and download PUBG.

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