In our first installment of this section dedicated to highlighting and compiling applications related to our current or future pets we talk about an encyclopedia of the dog breed, in which to consult data and information on hundreds of breeds.

Now, we change to another direction and we are going to talk about something similar to a Facebook of pets.

Rate My Pets is an application in which, as its descriptive title indicates, we can rate and rate pets from people around the world as well as expose ours for other people to do the same. After the jump, you have more information about this application that can serve as a showcase for your pets.

The best part of the application may not be the fact that you can see other pets and that other people see ours, if not the social part of it. That is, being able to contact the owners of certain pets that, for one reason or another, call our attention and even propose challenges such as a beauty contest from the same application, where people would have to vote what pet they think More striking or pretty.

The operation of the application is really simple. Simply, after downloading and installing it, we will have to create the file of our pet with his name, age, sex, type and breed in addition to a small story if we wish. It is curious what one can find by browsing the application a bit, from small Golden Retriever puppies to exotic birds or funny hamsters.

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