Download SayHi Translate: The app to translate conversations with more than 100 languages!!

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Download SayHi Translate: The app to translate conversations with more than 100 languages!!

What is stopping you the most from traveling? Put aside the money, you know that there are many options and we have given you many tips on how to save your trips. But really, what would prevent you from traveling to another part of the world? Maybe you’re thinking about the language, right? Well, do not worry so much about that either.

Here we are going to talk about an application with which you can travel anywhere you want without knowing how to speak the language there. Keep reading and go preparing your trip

With SayHi Translate, the fear of visiting those parts of the world where you do not speak your language will be removed.

This application is used to translate languages ​​live and yes, it will translate what other people say in another language, no matter what text or voice. This application will become one of your allies to make that trip you dreamed so much

Now, even if you are a translator, without a doubt you can take advantage of this application and use it to practice that language you are learning.

The curious thing, and the popularity that this application has gained, are the accuracy and naturalness in the translations it does. Before you start using it, SayHi asks you some questions about the language you speak and which one you will speak about; whether or not it is our native language. Even recognize the dialects and regionalisms of some countries, so yes, you can understand and give you to understand as if you dominate and speak that language in a native way For the application to work you need to be connected to the internet. The translation of a sentence takes about 29 seconds, that is, not half a second will take you to understand and give you to understand in another language very soon.

With one of the applications available on iOS and Android it is possible to translate conversations that are written in two different languages. This is SayHi Translate, an app that presents some variants to the famous Google translator.

SayHi Translate is specialized in voice translation, is compatible with more than 40 languages ​​and their respective dialectal variants of English, Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese.

To reproduce the translated text allows to use masculine and feminine voice, as well as to accelerate the voice. In addition, it shows the text in the original language and the translation to retrieve the conversation later.

Similar to the Google translator, SayHi facilitates the change of the two languages ​​by pressing a button. To use the application you need internet connection and permissions for the microphone.

Before going to your Google Play or your App Store, mark your next destination on your Scratch Map of the World. Also, it’s totally free to download, so do not let more time pass, what country are you going to visit on your next trip?

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