Download SpotPet : a collaborative application to help missed pets!

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Download SpotPet : a collaborative application to help missed pets!

In Duacode. We are clear that our animals are part of our family and for is we have developed the SpotPet application, a mobile app that seeks to create a community of lovers of animals that help each other. The main objective: that lost pets are reunited as soon as possible with their owners.

How does SpotPet work?

The idea is that each pet has a profile created on this app, which will be private unless someday it is lost (we hope it does not happen very often).

Why create the profile of my Macota as soon as you download the app? We look for speed, we know that when a pet disappears, the first few hours are the most important. In the first few times there is a greater chance of locating them, so we prevent you from having to look for photos, write descriptions and provide data on our pet, we would have all this information charged on the platform. If you lose, we only need a click to publish the ad.

In addition, when publishing a lost pet ad, we will have associated the geolocation of what is happening so that SpotPet users who are close to receive a notification to be alert. With this we increase the chances of finding the lost mascot as soon as possible.

This app is also useful for people without pet

We focus on creating prior profiles that nothing happens because it is one of the features that differentiate our App, but there are more profits.

Imagine you find a pet that seems lost and you do not know what to do. SpotPet gives the option to publish ads on which to indicate how and where this has happened, including photos and relevant information. In this way, perhaps you log in that the owners of this pet or some acquaintance recognize it, helping him come back home.

In these cases, a notification will also be sent to all SpotPet users who are nearby, thanks again to geolocation.

Adoptions, debates and curiosities about the animal world are also present

We wanted to add the sections “adoptions” and “community” to offer a plus. We have detected that many pets that appear lost do not give a hoga. Having the possibility of publishing in the same application Announcements of this type has seemed a good idea. You can publish from photographs of animals that need a host home until you offer to adopt.

The section “Community” has been created to encourage the interaction between users, it is a forum in which there is freedom to open discussions, publish news or comment curiosities. Always related to the animal world.

We hope you are liking the idea and that we can help many animals, regardless of whether they are dogs, cats, birds, ferrets … or the type they are. Everyone has room in Spotpet. To achieve this we need there are many more users better and actually create the SpotPet community. Have you not downloaded it yet? you can download it for iOS and Android .

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