Download The 10 best pet apps – IOS/Android

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Download The 10 best pet apps – IOS/Android

Lovers of pets, thanks to all the applications that have emerged for smartphones, we will have the task of caring for them, understanding them and making them happier.

We can find out the places where our pets are well received, have a social network just for them, know all the breeds and characteristics of dogs, control their health and nutrition and many other advantages that we tell you in this top 10 pet applications.

We are always sad to leave our pets at home when we go out, especially if it is a dog. The poor always want to join our plans but not all places admit pets. This application, free for iOS and Android systems, easily offers endless places where pets are welcome. There are listings of hotels, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, bookstores, fashion stores … and even add veterinary professionals near the place where you are. It is very complete and useful.

  • Perfect dog

Would you like to know which dog can best adapt to your life and housing? Do you want to know the details of a particular breed? This application is a complete guide to more than 200 dog breeds. It is cataloged alphabetically, shows images of each of them and has a powerful search engine in which you can add the characteristics of the pet that would suit you best and offers you a list with the dogs that respond to your needs. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

Exercising with your dog can be very healthy for both of you. Thanks to this application you can have a history of all walks, distance traveled and time, that you have taken with your pet, will recommend exercises, you can share your tours on Facebook and explore new recommended routes. It is free for both iOS and Android.

  • Pet first aid: for your dog

It is an application that serves as a first aid guide for your dog. In it, through videos, images and illustrations you can find out how to help your pet in case it has minor injuries or how to act before any type of alteration of its health. It also allows you to create a complete file of your pet in which you include the medication you are taking, your veterinarian’s phone number and the necessary data so that they can locate you in case of loss. It costs 3.59 euros for iOS systems and 2.27 euros for Android.

This application is a social network for pets. In it you can register your pet with his name, upload his best photos and features and interact with the other members through a chat. So you can exchange opinions, advice with other animal lovers and make many friends. You receive notifications of comments to your pet’s profile via email. It’s free, only for Android.

This community tries to fight against abuse and give a home to those animals that are in the street through the contribution of all its users. With the application you can see if there are dogs or cats for adoption by geographic area, publish the loss of your pet and share it, to achieve greater dissemination, through its Facebook page and Twitter profile. It is free for both iOS and Android systems.

  • Dog whistler

Educating our pet is very important but many times it can get out of hand. This application, free for iOS and Android, will help you train your dog. With the different programmable frequencies of your whistles you can train and educate according to the needs of each situation. You can give them instructions, scold or congratulate.

You are having a snack and you have the look of your dog stuck in you as if you were begging for a bite. Who has not been seen in the situation? We know that it is very difficult to resist his insistent requests. If in the end we succumb to its influences, we better have this application. In it we can consult in an easy and very practical way what foods are good for our dogs and those that are not recommended. Without a doubt, a great help to control your diet well. It is free and available for iOS.

  • Pet master pro

With this application you can control everything related to your pet. You enter your data, medications, allergies, appointment management, your microchip, registration document. So you can easily organize the life of your pet. It is free for iOS and costs 3.5 euros for Android.

  • Names for dogs

Finally, we recommend this curious application if you are still undecided about the name you will give your pet. It divides them by language (there are English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and Spanish), sex, and you can keep a list of your favorites. It also incorporates an encyclopedia of breeds, which names are more suitable for small and which for larger dogs and gives a series of tips and information when deciding on a specific one. Its installation for free is free. For iOS system there is a similar version that costs 1.79 euros.

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