Download the Battle Royale from Xiaomi: Survival Game – For Android [APK]

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Download the Battle Royale from Xiaomi: Survival Game – For Android [APK]

Survival Game, the Battle Royale of Xiaomi, can now be played thanks to a filtered Apk. Do you want to try it? Download it on your Android.

The Battle Royale fever does not stop, it seems that this style of play will dominate the landscape of computers, consoles and, of course, also mobile. Fortnite and PUBG dispute the crown of the best known and most played, but there are many developers who aspire to a piece of that crown. One of them is Xiaomi.

We already knew that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer was developing an Android game: Survival Game. This is in closed beta for a few Xiaomi models, but an Apk has just appeared so you can try it on your phone. And without having to have a smartphone of the brand since it works on a large number of models.

Survival Game is a Battle Royale that looks a lot like PUBG, both in the style of the graphics and the setting (if the Battle Royale differ too much from each other). Xiaomi is committed to a more futuristic atmosphere by providing the opponents with a similar basic equipment that includes a rocket backpack for travel. This adds some more freedom to simple jumps, but does not prevent us from becoming the targets of enemies. As in the rest of Battle Royale, the game has only one winner of the 100 that compete.

Survival Game, a Xiaomi game that aspires to compete with PUBG and Fortnite

We have been testing the game after downloading the Apk that has been publicly filtered. Said Apk file is secure and does not ask for strange permissions beyond the location (it can be deactivated), the microphone to speak during games and access to storage to save game data.

How does Survival Game work? If you have ever played PUBG or Fortnite you will have no problem getting the controls: virtual control pad on the left for the movement of the character, right area of the screen to handle the 3D view, action buttons that change depending on the armament, equipment management that is displayed in the form of a menu and a map with the island to observe where we are and where the combat area begins to shrink.

This Xiaomi game works quite well, even if it still has aspects to polish. For example, the graphic quality cannot be selected yet, it shows something poor in the scenarios and in the character details. There is also a lack of better communication with the servers since the game response accumulates some latency. Of course, it is in beta, so you still have time to improve.

Do you want to try this Xiaomi game? Survival Game works perfectly with the filtered Apk, but you should keep in mind that it will only do so while the servers remain activated (in principle the current test is two weeks). It is suitable for almost any Android, at least for now: once Xiaomi releases the stable game, only a select number of mobiles from the manufacturer can play it.

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