Download The Best 10 Apps For Dog Owners – Android/IOS

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Download The Best 10 Apps For Dog Owners – Android/IOS
Your dog is your best and most loyal friend, and you want to make sure you are getting the best care you can get. As technology addresses the needs of real life more and more every day, nonprofit companies and organizations are creating applications to ensure that every Fido, Spot and Princess receives the attention he or she deserves.


We have compiled 10 of the best applications for dogs in the gallery above. All of them make your tasks easier, either by setting daily reminders to feed or walk, or help you provide your dog with first aid treatment.

What apps will you download for you and your furry friend? Tell us in the comments.


Tagg is essentially a GPS accessory for your dog’s collar, and due to its many features, it can give you peace of mind. The application will follow your dog’s activity and send you a message if it goes beyond the limits you set. Not only that, Tagg allows you to make sure your dog is exercising enough by measuring movement. Available on iOS and Android.


DoggyDatez is a mobile social platform for dog owners and their dogs to make friends. The main idea is that you can “mark your territory” and see who else visits your place. You can also search other DoggyDatez users by sex, age, dog sex, dog age and / or dog breed. Available on iOS and Android.


The pet phone application allows you to track your dog’s health with ease. You can track veterinarian appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your pets, and the application can be synchronized with your calendar to get reminders. Available on iOS.


If you want to see what your dog is doing in real time, iCam is the application to get. You can look at your canine friend from a distance, just to make sure everything is fine. This is especially useful if you are leaving your dog at home for the first time, recently moved or traveling. Available on iOS and Android.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to know everything that is harmful to your dog. The ASPCA Petoxins app helps you have an impressive list of poisonous plants, and most of them probably didn’t know. For example, did you know that tulip bulbs are dangerous? Now you can keep similar vegetation out of your dog’s reach. Available on iOS.


With MapMyDogwalk, you and your dog can get in shape at the same time. You can record your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS. The application also has sharing and geotagging features for photos and data. Available on iOS and Android.


Raising pets is fun, but it is also a big responsibility, which means there may be some scare. If something happens to your dog, Pet First Aid helps you take the right steps to make sure it will be fine. Detailed videos and illustrations include restrictions, gagging, CPR, bandages and more. Available on iOS and Android.


Pet Minder Pro helps you keep track of your dog’s actions, and is presented in an easy way so you can use it while interacting with your dog. When you press the custom buttons, you will never forget when you gave the medicine to your dog, fed him, took him for a walk or took him to a game date. You can also track the training phases for puppies, set reminders and share information through notifications. Available on Android. For an iOS alternative, check out MyPetMinder.


Answering the question “What kind of dog is he?” It is not always easy, especially if your dog is a rescue or mix. As a tool, Petsie dog breeds can help you find out, but it is also full of photos and adorable information. You can even use it as a fun social network by creating a profile for your dog.


It is useful to check the weather before taking your dog for a walk, but Weather Puppy takes you to a new level (and very cute). The application shows more than 100 dogs depending on the weather and the weather, and you can even add a photo of your own dog. Weather Puppy partners with nonprofit organizations and shelters in the United States.

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