Download the best dog Apps for – IOS/Android

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Download the best dog Apps for – IOS/Android

Lovers of animals and in particular of dogs, will encounter many situations in which they need information about them.

Whether to know more about their race, how to care for them and other details that we necessarily have to consult. Luckily in Google Play there are many applications that will facilitate these queries.

With the Apps that we are going to collect in this post you will have authentic encyclopedias in your pocket, but yes, remember that in the end pets are living beings and these applications will not replace the advice of a professional and trusted veterinarian.

Dog Breeds – HD Dogs Catalog

As the name implies, this application is a huge catalog of all dog breeds. It includes HD photographs of all animals, option to search and save photos in favorites as well as the possibility of downloading to the phone gallery. Of course, they can be shared and set as wallpaper. The list of breeds included in Dog Breeds is very long and can be found for free on Play.

Dog breeds

If you want to know all the breeds of dogs while having fun playing, Dog breeds (Name that Dog) you will love. It is a trivial type game that has a database of more than 300 breeds and 700 images of dogs. The tests can be divided into different duration and difficulty levels. In addition, it has a score table, access to the image gallery to download the images to the device and challenges between users. It’s in Spanish and it’s free on Google Play.

How to educate a dog

Very interesting this application that collects articles on how to educate and care for a dog. It has all kinds of explanatory topics on education techniques, training, psychology, games, diseases, food, etc. An essential App for all pet owners, all articles are in Spanish and it is completely free from Google Play.


uPet is a kind of diary for your pet, in it you can create a profile for your dog, including all its data, owner information, vaccinations and deworming. It also includes an event log, not to forget when you’ve visited the vet. The best thing about uPet is that by being part of a large community of users, with whom you can share photos, in case your pet gets lost, you can report the mishap so that all users know it and the chances of finding it increase. It is free on Play.

Dog Whistle – Whistle

Dog Whistle is one of the most downloaded applications of this type on Google Play with more than 1 million users. It is a simple whistle that will help you train, control and teach your dog tricks. It has frequency adjustment between 500Hz and 20000Hz.


With the fashion of applications to record all daily activities (the best Apps for sports on Android), you can not miss the following. This is MapMyDogWalk, and it comes from the MapMyFitness company.

As expected, MapMyDogWalk allows us to keep track of our walks with the dog, being able to see the route on a map, time, distance, speed and calories, all using the GPS of your smartphone. If you also want to monitor your pulsations, MapMyDogWalk is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 LE heart rate bands.

And you, are you a lover of these animals? If you love dogs and know more applications of this type, which are essential for you and your pet and always have them on your Android, you can leave them in the comments.

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