Download The Dog Walk (Android/IOS) !!

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Download The Dog Walk (Android/IOS) !!

How many times has it happened that you have yearned for an app that would help you keep track of your morning walks with your dog.

Similar to the apps that help us keep track of our morning run, there should be a similar app for man’s best friend too. Well, guess what our prayers have finally been answered, today we would be telling you about an app that helps you keep track of your walks with your dog, yes you heard that right, there is now an app available for this and the name of the app is Dog Walk. It is super simple to use and is currently a hot favorite amongst dog lovers.

Dog Walk allows you to keep track of your route, time and other stuff, this information is pretty valuable as it could later be used to gauge the performance of your dog. So if you are interested in such stats you must download the Dog Walk right now, it is currently trending in dog communities and everyone is literally going gaga about this amazing app. So what are you waiting for, go to Play Store, and download the Dog Walk app.

Dog Walk app is absolutely free of cost and you literally have to pay nothing, and you will get to know all the stats about your dog. Technology has improved drastically in the past few years and now even the movement of our pets can be recorded through the phone. So why don’t we give you a crash course on Dog Walk app. Honestly, it is pretty elementary stuff, but still here we go.

Firstly you’ll need to download the app from the Play Store, you can do this by going to Play Store and searching for Dog Walk, once you have downloaded and installed the app, you are ready for the next step. So you need to sign-up for the app first, when you are done with the signup, you’ll see the option which lets you record the walk, later on you will get to know how much time you and your dog spent walking and how much distance you covered. Dog Walk also allows you to take pictures with your dog, during the walking session and you can also share the picture with your friends and amigos, through the app. However, all of this is only possible when you have the Dog Walk in your phone, so what are you waiting for, go to Play Store and download the Dog Walk app now.

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