Your dog is in danger! Solve the puzzles, avoid obstacles and face monsters to save your pet in Save the Puppy

The MTS Free Games studio gives a twist to the classic puzzle and strategy game of removing barriers in the form of a giant needle striking a chord. And it is that this time we will have to download the APK file to rack our brains and save a puppy or other adorable animals.

Don’t let any obstacle come between you and your dog

Save the Puppy is a puzzle game in which we must remove the needles to rescue a little animal in distress. The mechanics are simple, because we will only have to touch the barrier that we want to remove. The difficult thing will be choosing the right needle, of course.

Do you think you are smart enough to overcome all obstacles and save your puppy in this rescue mission?

At each level we will be asked a while. To be victorious we will have to help our pet to reach the exit door, avoiding enemies and obstacles. In addition, we will get extra points if we collect the objects that are scattered on the screen.

For this, it will be important to touch each needle in order, so that we eliminate the dangers and leave the path clear for the little animal. Also, in some levels we will have to collect items to escape, such as a float to avoid drowning in the water rafts.

There are a lot of animals that we can unlock, such as lions, elephants and even ponies. Of course, we will have to be especially careful not to make a mistake, because when we move the wrong needle our pet will die and they will show us the corpse of the poor bug. A curious detail, since the game is suitable for children.

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