Download Tibiboo : The app to be able to enjoy dogs even if you don’t own one .

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Download Tibiboo : The app to be able to enjoy dogs even if you don’t own one .

Dog cafés have been fashionable in United Kingdom for a couple of years, showing that there are people who love dogs and enjoy being around them, but due to their lifestyle or circumstances they cannot afford to have and care for one.

But what if you could enjoy the company of a furry friend without having to go to these places? This is what is proposed by a new app based on the collaborative economy called Tibiboo.

At Tibiboo, which is based on a ‘Like’ and ‘Match’ model, dog owners can find volunteer ‘dog lovers’ who take care of their best friends during walks, specific times of the day or even during a vacation .

The operation of the tool is very simple, with a Tinder-style user experience that allows contact between dog owners and volunteers. You just need to download the application and register as owner or Dog Lover. Each profile has its own ratings, as a way to show confidence and security within the community. In addition, each new user is verified by those responsible for the application.

Within Tibiboo there is a Premium option, which allows access to internal messaging to set up meetings and gives access to a veterinary assistance chat for Dog Lovers. With each new Premium member on the platform, a donation to dog protection associations is generated.

“The end of confinement is an opportunity and a good time to communicate that there are other ways to use technology,” Mateo García, CEO of Tibiboo, explains in a press release.

“Thanks to the collaborative model, which is based on trust and love for dogs, Tibiboo is building an ideal community for the more than six million dogs in United Kingdom . Especially now, when the most vulnerable people who live in areas with higher population density need a hand to take care of their dogs”, explains the startup.

The app is available nationwide and in just four weeks more than a thousand new users have registered. Tibiboo can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

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