Download TrustedHouseSitters, the app to find a caregiver to your pet is this vacation!

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Download TrustedHouseSitters, the app to find a caregiver to your pet is this vacation!

Are you going to make a long trip this summer and you can not take you to your hairy with you? Are not there friends who can take care of you a few days to your beloved dog or cat?

You can explore another option: Leave your best friend with a trusted person animal lover in exchange for a small price. That way your Bichejo will not be submitted to the stress that can generate the trip or change home.

This is what it offers precisely TrustedHousesitters, a mobile application that allows you to connect with ‘Sitters’ in more than 130 countries so that you can be the kangaroo your pets while you are on vacation. As with children’s kangaroos, the Sitters are installed in your house while you are out and take care of her and the hairy.

This tool works very similarly to Airbnb and other services of collaborative economy, in such a way that you can read the opinions and comments from previous users to make the best decision regarding the caregiver. You can search for different parameters and use filters, such as dates, duration, etc.

Once the reservation is made and left to your best friend in good hands, at all times you can communicate with the Sitters through instant messaging, as well as receive photos to know how your pert is going, gathete, tc and if everything goes well by home . The platform also allows you to keep searches and receive alerts.

TrustedHouseSitters is available for iOS and Android and also has a web page. In order to use the service and communicate with potential caregivers, you will have to hire an annual subscription. As a kangaroo you must also pay it. In both cases, there must be a single annual payment of 89 euros.

In Spain the TrustedHousesitters network is still quite reduced. One of the reasons may have to do with that neither the website nor apps are available in Spanish. But, no doubt, it is an idea that will interest all those who are lovers of animals and want to travel and stay anywhere in the world without paying a penny.

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