[-]Download[-][-]Videos[-][-]Faster[-]Tips and tricks to make YouTube load faster and not cut !!

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[-]Download[-][-]Videos[-][-]Faster[-]Tips and tricks to make YouTube load faster and not cut !!

YouTube is one of the most used video platforms by users. In recent years the number of visualizations and videos in this service has grown a lot. Also, logically, there have been changes in terms of quality and other functions. However, there are still problems when loading videos. Sometimes it is not as fluid as we would like and there may be cuts. In this article we are going to name some tricks that allow us to improve this and be able to load the videos faster.

How to upload YouTube videos faster

Extension There is an extension for the main browsers that allow videos to be buffered and played without cuts. There are several, but one of the best known is SmartVideo. It is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Its function is to allow loading the video in buffer before playing it. In this way, even if our Internet connection is not the best, there would be no cuts once we give Play. It works as much for the videos of the own platform as the embedded ones that we find in others like Facebook. We also have the option to configure the quality.

Play with quality

We do not always have an adequate Internet speed. Especially when we use our mobile phone or even connected by Wi-Fi. This means that videos do not always play smoothly and correctly. Depending on the quality, it will be more or less difficult to load them as they should be.

Therefore we can play with quality. It is not the same to try to play a video at 480 than at 1080, for example. The more quality, the more Internet resources we will need. You have to know what our connection is like and, if necessary, lower the quality.

Control Internet consumption

If we are using our connection for other things, this can reduce the quality when playing YouTube videos. Therefore, a good idea is to close everything that uses our connection to a large extent. For example downloads or uploads of large files.

It would also be interesting to avoid loading several videos at the same time. The best thing is to upload a single video and in this way take advantage of the limited resources that we have.

Sometimes there are programs that are running in the background and harm the good functioning.

Take advantage of resources

If for example we are connected by Wi-Fi from a mobile that accepts double band, it may be convenient to use the 5.0 GHz band. In this way the speed is higher, under normal circumstances. In this way the connection can be more stable and allow us to play YouTube videos and upload faster.

Take care of the good use of the browser

The browser is one of the fundamental aspects of playing YouTube videos and doing well. The tabs that we have open or the extensions can damage the speed. Therefore it is advisable to close all those tabs that we have, as well as to abuse the installed extensions. In the end, the lighter the browser works, the better.

Here are some tips to make YouTube work better. Others can be to solve possible problems that we have outside our team, as well as use better network cards.

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