[-]DOWNLOAD VIDEOS[-] What Internet consumption produce the main streaming video platforms !!

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[-]DOWNLOAD VIDEOS[-] What Internet consumption produce the main streaming video platforms !!
It is increasingly common to use mobile devices, whether a phone or tablet, to surf the Internet. This means that anywhere you can use our favorite applications, watch videos or use social networks. However, you do not have to have access to a wireless network, something that does not always happen. But it is also convenient to carry out a control of that consumption. In this article we will see what Internet consumption produces the main video platforms in Streaming.

How much does it cost to play a video in Internet Streaming?

The reproduction of videos in Streaming is one of the main causes that we consummate our data rate. It is something that, sometimes, we do not realize. However, watching a video on the Internet can make our data fall in a matter of minutes. The quality of reproduction greatly influences.

In this article we will name some of the main streaming video platforms that users use daily. We’re going to talk about YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo. We are also going to name some tips and recommendations to avoid excessive consumption.


Netflix has undoubtedly become one of the most popular platforms of this type. It allows us to watch our favorite series and movies anywhere. This means that from the mobile we can see that chapter that remains pending while we are in a bus or train.

The company itself offers information on consumption when playing videos. Everything depends, as we can expect, on the quality that we put. If we decide to opt for an average quality, an hour of reproduction can consume about 700 MB. Using HD can reach 3 GB and Ultra HD reach up to 7 GB of data consumed.

These are undoubtedly figures that can significantly affect the capacity of our data rate. Especially when the quality is high.


YouTube is the most well-known online video platform. It has a great variety of videos and with the passage of time the number of active users has increased, as well as visualizations.

Again it will depend on the quality of the video itself. We already know that we can see it at 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K, among others. The consumption, if we use these examples, would be about 560 MB, 1.8 GB, 3 GB and even more than 15 GB in the case of 4K. All this if we consider that we are going to be an hour.

Amazon Prime Video

It is one of Amazon’s products. It has become more popular in recent times. If we watch a video for an hour at 480p, we will consume about 800 MB. The expense will amount to 2GB in an hour if we see a video in HD and up to 6GB if it is in 4K.

Again the reproduction quality is very important to determine the consumption.


Finally let’s talk about Vimeo. It is perhaps the least used platform on the list, but it also has many users and reproductions.

If we play a video on Vimeo for an hour in SD, it consumes approximately 400 MB. If on the contrary we see it in HD, the consumption would increase to something more than 2.5 GB.

How to avoid excessive data consumption when watching videos over the Internet

The first advice is, whenever we can, download the videos before you leave. That is, let’s say for example that we are going to take a bus trip and we want to see our favorite series. Well before leaving we can download the chapters and see them without Internet. Platforms like Netflix allow it.

We can also make use of Wi-Fi connections whenever we can. This way when we go to watch videos we will not use our mobile data.

The last advice is the most obvious and that we have mentioned previously: see the videos in low quality. You have to avoid playing a video in Streaming in 4K, for example. In this way we will avoid excessive data consumption when watching videos over the Internet.

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