Download WAP Diary – complete application to manage all the care of your pet – Android/IOS

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Download WAP Diary – complete application to manage all the care of your pet – Android/IOS

WAP Diary is a pet application to keep track of and receive alerts about vaccinations or care that should be performed.

Having a pet at home entails many responsibilities and time to be able to offer you all the care you need for your health and well-being. Depending on the animal, you have to take them for a walk, deworm them, bathe them, nail clippers, vaccinate them and much more care that now it will be much simpler to control thanks to WAP Diary of Where Are Pets.

WAP Diary is a complete pet care management app manufactured by a Spanish team formed by two veterinarians and a computer specialist who, thanks to this renewed project, have been in the 3rd place in the ranking in the contest (tournament) of the best business project of the Region of Murcia.

There are many people who have a pet at home. There are also many people who use Android daily. Therefore, it is very likely that among our readers there are those who have both a pet at home and an Android device. Well, the application that we are going to show you today is really useful to keep a record of everything related to your pet. Have a cat or dog, you can keep a history, set reminders and various veterinary advice about your furry friend. I found it a really useful tool to update both your pet’s vaccinations and other care.

WAP Diary, your pocket veterinarian

Thanks WAP Diary it will be much simpler to manage all the care that your pet requires and check his medical history from your mobile device. The app fits the needs and special care of your pet. At the moment it is only enabled to manage the care of dogs, cats and ferrets.

WAP Diary is very easy to use, we just have to add your pets by filling in their information, such as name, age, date of birth, size, weight, activity level, photo, vaccination card, etc … Once your info is filled in ( data). We will know what vaccines are missing, what will be the next vaccines and you can manage your basic care such as bathing, nail cutting, baths, oral cleaning and ear cleaning. In the app we have a section to add the info (data). of contact and emergency of the veterinarian.

WAP Diary is an application that is currently in beta but quite advanced. We have a careful interface, in the style of Material Design, with careful icons and an easy to use interface. There are three differentiated sections in tabs: Profiles (of each pet), Vaccines and other care. In my case I have a cat, so I registered it in the application.

The same application at the first start helps us to register our pet and recommends us to have the vaccination card of the animal at hand. In this way you can complete your veterinary record and the same application reminds you when you have to vaccinate it again. You can add the chip number, if you need special care, etc. A very complete file for moments of emergency where you do not carry it on.

WAP Diary is an application that allows you to properly track your pet. Have it always up to date on the vaccines you have to have, that is neat with the nails and cut hair, clean ears and everything perfect so that it is in the best possible conditions.

Tips and much more in Wap Diary, the pet app

In the section of other cares, in my case of the cat, it warns you to cut its nails (although it is more advisable to file them, advice), to cut its hair, to do an oral and auditory cleaning. You say when was the last time you did it and it lets you know when you should do it again. Very practical to take good care of your pet.

This application is complete, easy to use, practical and free. If you want to have your pet’s file always accessible, it will help you. Every time we have more tools to take care of our pets, there are even very interesting wearables for them.

WAP Diary is free to download however it will only allow us to add a single pet. If we want to add more pets we only have to pay 0.61 euros for each extra pet. WAP Diary is enabled on iOS® and Android.

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