Duddu – My Virtual Pet – Create Your Own Dog – (Android/IOS)

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Duddu – My Virtual Pet – Create Your Own Dog – (Android/IOS)

One of the best pet virtual games currently available on Play Store is Duddu – My Virtual Pet, it is meticulously designed for children, keeping in mind their specific needs.

This is one of those games which offer learning to your children in the most un-seeming way possible, your child gets to learn a new thing every single day from this amazing application. It is a mobile game, but the graphics are good and much more than that you can actually do a lot of stuff with your pet. So what are you waiting for, just hover on to Play Store and download Duddu – My Virtual Pet.

So the sole purpose of this awesome game is to teach children and help them learn things in a fun way, and the app does full justice to this job. So firstly you get to choose your pet, there are a ton of available options, you can choose from a number of breeds, now you also get to select different colors and shades for your dog. Moreover you also have the option to select an outfit for your dog, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You actually get to create your own dog, which in itself is quite a fun thing.

Next you could perform many daily tasks which could earn you bonus and experience points, for instance you have to take care of your dog, if it needs a bath, you give him a bath and as a result you get bonus points. Secondly you should also take certain challenges, these are unlocked as you move on to the next stages, it is a proper game for small children and they get to learn things like taking care of their pet on their own, moreover they also learn about punctuality, through this amazing game.

If you are looking for a mobile game for your young ones, then you are in luck as Duddu – My Virtual Pet is the best option, you get to enjoy this game with your child too, as there are numerous challenges which might be difficult for your small one, so they would seek help from you and hence this game also helps with parent-child bonding. Now if you still haven’t downloaded this game, trust us your child is missing a great learning opportunity, all you need to do is go to Play Store and download Duddu – My Virtual Pet.

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