Would you like your dog to serve you breakfast in the morning, towel you after a shower, clean the floor, vacuum, and wash your own plate of food?

In my present house there are two dogs Waldo and Mustaches, they are very affectionate, but they demand as much or more work than my son, since they have to bathe them, to clean their needs, to collect the clothes that are robbed of the clothesline, to cover the holes that they make in the garden, clean the footprints of their feet when they get inside the house, take them to the doctor, take them to the beach and fight against their insatiable appetite. Sometimes I think we are slaves to our dogs and in reality they are our true masters. But they are so regal and sympathetic that the disorder happens in the background, total they are not able to order, to throw the garbage, to wash their plate of food and that type of thing or not? Watching videos of the spectacular dog Jesse, I think I will have a serious conversation with those ruffians of Waldo and Mustaches.

Jesse is a Jack Russel Terrier, a breed that stands out for his intelligence, but this friend has crossed all limits. Thanks to a lot of attention, affection and incredible training from his mistress, Jesse is the ideal butler, the dog that we always wanted to have.

Would you like your dog to serve you breakfast in the morning, will you pass the towel after the shower, clean the floor, vacuum and wash your own plate of food? Well these are just some of the qualities of this amazing dog that also takes control of the television, takes out the poleron and the slippers and even gives you a massage to relax after a hard day’s work. Do not you believe it? Look at it with your own eyes, you will feel that your dog is lazy.

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