Facebook Messenger already tries the dark mode in your application – Android/IOS

samerLast Update : Sunday 6 January 2019 - 3:18 PM
Facebook Messenger already tries the dark mode in your application – Android/IOS

Facebook has not ended 2018 in the best possible way. This does not prevent the company from starting 2019 with interesting developments.

Today we must talk about Facebook Messenger, the messaging application of the company. This application is already testing the dark option in some regions of the planet. This mode has reached other applications such as Twitter or YouTube, with millions of users in the first hours of life. The dark mode not only helps to visualize the content better, but it is also an incentive for our battery to last longer. Pixels consume less energy when they show black, so autonomy increases.

Using all applications in dark mode can mean a daily increase in autonomy that can help you considerably. Facebook Messenger was one of the projects of the company that had the focus placed in this way. Jane Manchun has been responsible for unveiling the new test of Facebook Messenger with this dark mode.

The white color predominates at this time in Facebook Messenger. Not only does this cause high battery consumption, it is also difficult to visualize the content in dim light. The new dark mode will solve both problems, although at the moment we do not know when. Jane Manchu has filtered some captures in which this dark mode is appreciated and the possibility of activating it.

The update is not being officially deployed, because it is a test that Facebook is doing in some parts of the planet. Of course, at any time this situation could change. In the coming weeks we could see that this dark mode reaches users in a global and stable way.

We don’t know the list of supported countries, so YMMV. So far as we can tell in our own testing, the US isn’t included. As a result, we aren’t entirely sure what it looks like, either.

If you are in a supported country, based on the screenshot provided by Wong, a new “Dark Mode” setting should appear in the “Me” section of the app. A warning detailing that the new dark mode is still a work in progress will also appear — though it isn’t immediately clear if that message appears when toggling the setting, or when loading the section which contains it.

At the moment it is a beta version that could behave strangely. It is normal if you enter Facebook Messenger and you do not have dark mode available. We will notify you when this update is official and therefore all users can receive the change . Download Facebook Messenger mode in your application – Android/IOS from App Store or Google Play .

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