Fantastic Tester Edition – WhatsApp helps you not to make a mistake when sending a photo !!

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Fantastic Tester Edition – WhatsApp helps you not to make a mistake when sending a photo !!

A new feature of  WhatsApp will help us to avoid contact mistakes when we want to send a photo or image to a person or group.

WhatsApp, also known as ‘Wasap’ or ‘Wuasap’, among other meanings, is the most used instant messaging application worldwide. It has become one of those apps that we all use on a daily basis, and precisely for this reason it is important to know where to download it officially and how to update it. In this article we will show you how to download WhatsApp in 2019 and install for free, how to download your official APK file and how to update the app to the latest version.

Before anything you should know that there are two official versions of WhatsApp: the one you can find on Google Play, which is the stable version and ready to use; and the beta version, which has the latest functions although it may contain some other error.

Sending messages using smartphones has become a form of mass communication. This was already the case with emails but instant messaging applications have taken it to another level.

WhatsApp knows that this makes the errors we can commit be accentuated and multiplied so it has implemented some functions to minimize them, such as being able to delete a message from a chat.

Now you have updated the trial version of your application, which we can install simply, with another function on that line.

When we send an image we can do it from the chat of a contact or from the chat of a group, but we can also do it from the mobile gallery. If we do it from this last mode we will have to choose the contact to which it goes and that is where sometimes we are wrong.

Therefore, in the latest version of  WhatsApp, a text will appear in the lower left corner in which the person to whom that photo will be sent is indicated.

This text appears in the interface of the application in which we can put a text that accompanies the image, a caption, and we will see it just before giving the button with a green arrow that serves to send the file.

It will be useful for photos and images, but also for GIFs and videos.

If you want to try this feature and have it in your user profile you simply have to install the beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and update if you already have it.

Summary: How to download and install WhatsApp

  1. Go to the official website and download the APK file. Or if you prefer, download it from Google Play.
  2. Press the install button on Google Play, or, if you have downloaded the APK, look for the file and install it.
  3. Verify your phone number.
  4. If you have a saved backup, it will ask you if you want to recover it or not. Select what you want.
  5. Insert a profile name (you can change it later in the application settings.

Thus, you will already have WhatsApp on your mobile. Now you can start chatting, and, if you wish, add a profile picture and a status. Remember that you can also use the service on computer and tablet.

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