Finding missing dogs using artificial intelligence – Download for Android/IOS

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Finding missing dogs using artificial intelligence – Download for Android/IOS

Many people lose their pets, and unfortunately some of them never recover. In the United States that percentage reaches 7% when we focus on missing dogs, and there is a startup that wants to help reduce the number.

This is the Shadow company, a company that has decided to use artificial intelligence to find lost dogs and gather them with their owners.

He has created an app for iOS and Android, and have been associated with institutions that collect lost dogs in the streets. What the application does is seek coincidences between the dogs of these institutions and the images of missing dogs that the owners send.

How to find a missing dog using the app

The operation is basic, since the owner or owner of the dog only has to upload photos of the animal and wait for some coincidence to be. If any of the associated shelters has the pet under its protection, the owner will be automatically notified.

Use AI to match the image of a missing dog with images published by shelters, as well as publications on social networks. The model finds possible coincidences with the photos of the missing dog and then the volunteers help the owner find the pet.

In its description comment:

“The application always looks for new photos of shelters and online listings so that you do not have to do it. When these photos are identified, they are added to the application so that you and volunteers see them. When a possible coincidence is sent, it is sent More information about the dog. “

How does Shadow use the location to find dogs?

When we reported the location where we lost or found a dog, the application creates a radio to notify the different users. Also find all the nearest shelters / rescues to facilitate your search. If our location is incorrect, the APP team can update it for us, being necessary to click on “Report” and then in “Comments and questions” to report on the problem.

Probability of finding a lost dog

As I mentioned before, in a recent survey in the United States, the probability of finding it reaches 93%, but with a solution of artificial intelligence recognition, up to 95% accuracy could be achieved in the identification of dogs based on photos of social networks , which would allow that percentage a lot.

Shadow is a creation of Cyrus Massumi, former founder of the Zocdoc Medical Startup, and since 2018 it has already been able to bring together almost 10,000 dogs.

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