Five applications to pamper and care for your pet – IOS/Android

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Five applications to pamper and care for your pet – IOS/Android

In the era of technology and mobile devices, these are the Apps you must have so that you do not miss any details of your pet’s care.

Pets have a very special place in the hearts of their owners, so much that many are considered part of the family. Therefore, we present the 5 best applications so you can treat your pet with the love and care it deserves.

Workouts, walks, meals, games and much more, you will find it in these five Android applications that we present below:

1.- Dogo – Your Dog’s Favorite App

The Dogo app offers daily and fun workouts that give results for you and your dog. The positive use of clicker is a proven way to train your puppy. It can help your best friend to behave and learn the tricks he needs to be happy and calm. The Dogo application has a built-in bookmark. The marker produces an audible signal that serves to mark a behavior and the precise moment to reward the dog.

  • The App has more than 60 fun training sessions with step-by-step instructions. Illustrations
  • A built-in clicker.
  • Track your progress and see improvement every day.
  • You can consult our experts through the app.

2.- Train your dog – Train your pet

Teach your dog step by step with more than 500 video tutorials in Spanish in a fun and effective way.

  • Learn on your own training for all races and ages.
  • Solve your puppy’s behavior problems using our clicker.
  • Prepare delicious homemade recipes for your dog.

3.- Animal and pet care diary

Pet’s diary: a practical and simple application that will help you take care of your lovely pets. In the application, you can set reminders about all important events and write a diary of your pet.

  • Record all the events of your pet’s life.
  • Sort events in categories.
  • Add your own event categories.
  • Set notifications of important actions.
  • Use different reminder schedules.
  • View the history of events over time.
  • Several profiles of your pets.

4.- Dog Health

The health of your furry friend comes first. Dog Health is a completely free application that helps you keep track of your dog’s health. You will be able to keep all your medical history, create reminders of veterinarian visits, vaccinations, medicines and track your growth.

  • Save your dog’s personal data such as his name, weight, date of birth, chip number.
  • Follow up on previous visits to the veterinarian.
  • Manage your veterinarians.
  • Track vaccines.
  • Appointment and visit reminders.
  • Memorize all administrations of medications performed and to be performed.
  • Search and contact the nearest veterinarian.
  • Add multiple dogs.

5.- Dog Walk – Track your dogs

With Dog Walk you can track daily walks with your beloved dog. Record the route, distance and duration of each walk to see all the exercise your puppy receives each day. Take photos of your walks and share your good experiences with friends and family. The Dog Walk App is a great way to create lasting memories.

  • With a single click of a button you can add a pee or poop.
  • If you have more than one dog, just select the dog (or dogs) that made a poop or pee.
  • Allows you to capture the best moments (photos) of your dog while enjoying the outdoors.
  • See exactly where your pet goes to the bathroom.
  • You can see the pee and poop on the map.
  • See if your walks are longer or shorter.
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