A crude documentary that shows the drama of being an abandoned dog in Mexico City, where there are about 5 million puppies.

If indeed reincarnation existed, it would be rather cruel to be born again as an abandoned dog. The truth is that many farm animals also do not have a better life and are born to meet the food needs of a vast majority of human beings. The tragedy turns out to be that a dog has ties of affection with humans unlike any other animal.

In fact, much of cognition is made from the observation they make of humans as revealed by a study developed by neurologist Gregory Berns. That is why it is very sad to see them in the street, trying to contact a human to relate, receiving kicks and other types of abuse, hungry, dirty and without a place to shelter.

All these miseries that together constitute a genuine tragedy were part of the documentary “Mi Nombre es Perro” produced by the Mexican Demi├ín Morales, in Mexico City, where 5 million dogs live and three are in a street situation.

It is a raw documentary, but it will certainly open the conscience of those who, in dividing themselves into species, are capable of relativizing animal suffering.

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