Get your pet in shape with Petsonal Trainer – Android/IOS

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Get your pet in shape with Petsonal Trainer – Android/IOS

On many occasions our pets are ‘infected’ with our less healthy habits, such as poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. Both make our best friend may be overweight, something that does not benefit him and that can cause some diseases or disorders.

The nutrition and health specialist for cats and dogs Royal Canin has launched a mobile application to help our pet get fit. Thanks to Petsonal Trainer you can learn new exercises to practice with your pussy or dog, see the time spent in each of them, know the route taken or check the average speed or the paths traveled. In this way you will not only be a canine or feline fitness monitor, but you will also do something sport, you will leave home and play with your favorite bug.

The app allows dogs to exercise their endurance, dexterity or play games, while offering cats the practice of attention, free play and interactive play.

“The origin of overweight is in the imbalance between the amount of energy that is ingested and that spent, so to maintain the ideal weight it is necessary to practice daily exercise, in addition to knowing your diet,” they recommend from Royal Canin.

With Petsonal Trainer you can evaluate the physical state of the animal and control its evolution. It also has a function to locate the closest veterinarians and know what are the healthy foods for your hairy according to their weight or age.

Petsonal Trainer is available for on both Google Play and the App Store.

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