Google Photos will now recognize your pets in image search

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Google Photos will now recognize your pets in image search

In its new update, Google Photos is able to recognize your pet in the search as if it were one more person, in addition to being able to tag it.

Dogs, cats, fish, birds or any type of animal. For many of us, pets are much more than an animal that lives in our house, but they are a member in our family.

Not only do we want them as if they were one more, but sometimes they end up being the protagonists of many of our photos (even if other people appear in the photo). Google knows, and has decided to take facial recognition to a new level.

Google Photos now recognizes your pets and you can name them

For a couple of years, Google Photos offers the possibility to tag people we have in our gallery. Facial recognition is capable of grouping all our photographs, to which we can put a label (be it a real or false name).

For example, I can see all the photos in which I go out and label them Yo, so when I write, all the photos in the gallery where I go out appear. Until now, this feature was only available to people. And what happens to animals?

Until today, the recognition of Google Photos was able to know in which photographs there were animals, but without giving us more details, at least it was until today.

The artificial intelligence that is responsible for facial recognition has evolved enough to distinguish between several animals, identifying them as if they were one more person. That means that in your next searches, a label will appear for all the photos of your pet.

Like people, you can label your pet, so if you title the photo as Manchitas (a real name for a pet), when you look for photos of Manchitas, all those photos that you did in moments of maximum boredom will appear .

When will this feature arrive? Google has not given date or specific places, only that this feature will begin to arrive “today” in “several countries.” It is also possible that in the Google Photos wizard a video with the photos of your pet has appeared, so it is not a bad time to review the application.

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