Google presents a website specially designed for cats and dogs!

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Google presents a website specially designed for cats and dogs!

Millions of people every day ask Google Information about dogs and cats, and with as many questions they have created a website specially designed to show answers and other curiosities about furry friends.

It has been the data visualization designer Nobody Bremer, lover of said animals, who has worked with the Google team to analyze the information of Google Trends and launch a new site that deepens the questions that people make.

From that why do cats like boxes? A Why are you afraid of cucumbers? Or why do you like to knead soft surfaces? of the feline world, to the “lick”, “eating poop” or “bite” of the dogs, we can see the concerns of each country, the questions that the people of each region make on dogs and cats, and the answers that can be seen by Internet.

The web is available at, and as soon as you enter, after a brief introduction, we will have to choose between cats or dogs. From there begin interactive infographics, where the size of the circles represents the number of questions made, being possible to press on each circle to see more details of the question presented.

Questions that people ask about cats

They dedicate some areas to the boxes, the sounds and the hobbies in general, and the project ends with the distribution of curiosities by country, where it is possible to check how the questions about dogs are much more frequent than the questions asked about cats.

An interesting project that is worth knowing, even if it is only to enjoy its aesthetic beauty and the interaction they present. Unfortunately it is not translated, so you have to consult it in English.

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