GTA V: Training Chop Dog is easy with iFruit – Android/IOS

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GTA V: Training Chop Dog is easy with iFruit – Android/IOS

Grand Theft Auto V has been in charge of providing us with a canine pet that will be the shadow of our Franklin character. Like almost all things in GTA V, you will have to interact with Chop to keep him happy and make the most of his qualities, so Rockstar Games has taken a step forward with iFruit, an application for iOS and Android that will allow us to train Chop without being in front of our console.

In GTA V smartphones are an extension of our characters and from Rockstar Games they know that mobile devices are part of our daily lives so they have launched an application that emulates the terminals of the game for iOS and Android and allows us to train Chop and improve our cars.

Today we are going to focus on the game Chop the Dog, through which we can improve the capabilities of Franklin’s dog to help us during the game. As you will see below some are more useful than others.

In addition to throwing the ball and interacting with Chop, our dog will also look for secret packages when he accompanies us, so it is important to take care of him through the application if we later want him to listen to us in GTA V.

How to make Chop happy?

Chop, like all dogs, gets angry when he doesn’t eat or drink and when we don’t play with him so we have to satisfy his wishes by buying him food and drink so that his happiness grows.

Another way to make Chop happy is to buy new necklaces and training him so that under our orders he feels, paws us or does the act of asking. In any case we will need to spend credits for both the collars and for their training.

Take Chop for a walk

As you can see, credits are needed for almost anything and, to get them, we have two ways. The first and boring is to let time pass so that our coffers fill up. The second and most entertaining is to take Chop for a walk, which translates into three mini-games.

These mini-games have objectives as diverse as protecting our dog, preventing them from destroying Franklin’s car or removing the top of the bikini from the girls on the beach but they work in a similar way.

When we lose the game, a score with our score and the medal we have won comes out. One of the incentives we find here is that if we get the gold medal in the three mini-games we will unlock the gold necklace for Chop.

This dog eats glory but shit …

Yes, what you are thinking, so Rockstar Games did not want to forget anything so that from time to time we have to pick up and throw away the gifts that Chop leaves us on the stage.

A good method to complete 100% of Chop the Dog is to forget for a time of training and collars so as not to spend all the credits and focus on keeping Chop well fed and getting the gold in the three mini-games, since we will get credits and we will unlock the gold necklace.

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