A neighbor of San Cristobal went out to the squares to hand over identification tags for pets.

“Dear Pauline, we are looking for you, you broke our heart.” It is one of the many messages Fernando Nieto wrote on social networks. His pet is lost somewhere in the city and this man launched a campaign to find her. Meanwhile, she visits squares delivering identification badges, to prevent others from making the same mistake: Pauline was not identified.

Fernando’s dog is brown, of small / medium size, weighs only 9 kilos. He lacks one eye. It was lost on July 28 in San Cristobal, between US and Pasco streets. According to the reconstruction of its owner, at 20 minutes they saw it in Boedo, the following night in La Boca and the other day a veterinarian attended a similar dog in Costanera Sur. Then all traces were lost. Every novelty of his whereabouts is overturned on maps that Fernando uploads to the “Searching Pauline” Facebook account.

He met her in November last year, in a field he usually visits, but only a month ago he was able to organize to take her home. “She is Charlotte’s sister, the other bitch I have.” She was born and raised in the field, had an accident in one eye, believed to have been kicked by a horse, but no one cared for her. he told Clarin the boy.

For this bitch, it was not easy to adapt to the life of the city. “I did not want to eat, I was afraid and I was going to bite,” says the owner. But he says that in the last month, when he lived with him, he began to show affection and even climbed upa. Those beautiful moments were over when, during a walk, Pauline slipped off her leash and ran away.

Fernando assumes as a mistake not to have put an identification plate. “I see that very few dogs have them. In the streets, I think they only carry 30 percent,” he says. To try to raise awareness, he went out to deliver about 150 chapitas. On Saturday he was in Parque Lezama and on Sunday in Boedo and Martín Fierro squares. In addition to family and friends, the tour was joined by the girl who last saw Pauline, with some guilt for not having caught her.

The plaques are to avoid risks to the dogs. That’s why we go through the squares and deliver them along with a letter with the history and the photo of Pauline. The responsibility (to record that chapita and use it) is after each owner, “explains Fernando.” At least, all this year I will continue, as a retribution to the people who helped us, “he explains, and says that many strangers came out to the street to paste posters to find his dog and spread the subject by social networks.

As reported by the Government of Buenos Aires, dogs must carry an identification. “When you walk your pet, always do with a leash, collar and muzzle (in case of being aggressive) to prevent it from wandering freely and to be lost, also to prevent it from hurting or hurting others,” said the official website of the Government of the City in your pet section. And he continues: “It is important that you always carry in your necklace a chapita with your name and a telephone number, so that you can contact you in case it is lost.”

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