How to Care for the Dog’s Skin

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How to Care for the Dog’s Skin

Know how to take care of the dog’s skin from its food, in addition to other simple care to protect and pamper it daily

  • Dog Skin Care Tips

To care for the dog’s skin it is not necessary to simply send it to the veterinarian and the pet salon. You should give it a healthy and delicious diet loaded with essential fatty acids, so that your dog is healthy, strong and beautiful.

Learn what you should keep in mind to choose the food and take care of the skin of your pet.

  • Why take care of the dog’s skin?

Our furry friend deserves the best, and that requires us to pay attention to every detail. Since your skin is hidden beneath the coat of fur (the mantle), we often do not notice when there is dryness, flaking, spots, irritations and so on. But it is important to check the condition of your skin, at least once a week, when we notice strange behavior (scratching, rubbing against walls), or when you are losing more hair than usual.

“A good supply of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids will help take care of the dog’s skin, keeping it well hydrated and healthy.”

Always keep in mind that your dog’s skin is his first defensive layer against all kinds of threats, besides the cold and the heat, also of bacteria, viruses and many others. That is why, you should analyze your pet regularly, make sure you give a varied and healthy diet that combines dry feed (food balanced) of the best quality possible, and suitable for your particular needs, taking care of it at all times and giving you all the love that only dogs know how to give us.

  • Food to take care of the skin of the dog

Make sure that the food you eat, whether food, food or home-prepared food, has a good supply of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which will help take care of the dog’s skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy . It is advisable to have an annual veterinary check (or twice a year) to check if the animal has allergies or dermatological conditions (such as dermatitis or irritation), which will be treated with hypoallergenic drugs and foods specially formulated for these diseases.

If your pet has skin folds (such as shar pei, mastiff or burgundy bulldog) or short fur, you should make sure to periodically check their behavior and condition, to make the corrections that are necessary and thus take care of the dog’s skin properly , because these two types of skin are more prone to suffer conditions, in addition to developing fungi and other skin problems.

Your pet’s feed should be complete, with protein, minerals and vitamins. In general, high quality balanced foods have a good balance of these essential nutrients, but if you give them homemade products be sure to include well cooked red and white meats, low fats, beneficial vegetables and fruits, and never give them these 7 prohibited foods.

“With a varied food and enough fresh water, you can care for the dog’s skin and ensure the health of your pet.”

Finally, make sure your pet always has enough clean, fresh water, renewing it several times a day. Do not let it get stagnant or dirty, and make sure that you do not receive rainwater that can run off from walls or trees, as it would bring with it contaminants, viruses and potentially dangerous bacteria.

With a varied food and enough fresh water, you can care for the dog’s skin and ensure the best health for your friend.

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