How to Download and get the exclusive Fortnite skin of the Samsung Galaxy S10 !!

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How to Download and get the exclusive Fortnite skin of the Samsung Galaxy S10 !!

The owners of a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 + can now get the exclusive Fortnite skin. Get with iKONIKO, we’ll show you.

Since Fortnite is the game of the moment, there are many brands that seek to scratch a bit of its popularity. Beyond the games that aim to steal its omnipresence in the Battle Royale, mobile manufacturers like Samsung are associated with Epic Games with the intention of selling more devices. It is difficult for a regular player of Fortnite to disburse the huge amount of a Samsung Galaxy S10, but even so, the owners of this smartphone have a small gift.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was the first mobile of the South Korean brand to incorporate an exclusive element of Fortnite: a suit or skin with which to change its appearance within the game. The move had its revenue, hence Samsung repeated with the whole family S10. And you can get the aforementioned skin.

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 you can get the iKONIKO skin

It has been slow to appear in the Fortnite store, but it is now officially available: you can get the iKONIKO suit, along with a matching gesture, for your Samsung Galaxy S10. It is worth any of the models of the new range, both the S10e as the normal S10 or the Galaxy S10 +.

The process to obtain the Fortnite skin is not too complex, but it involves a certain mechanics. We summarize it below:

  • Download the Fortnite installer from the Samsung store. If you download from Epic Games you will not get the skin.
  • Make sure you have a means of payment connected to your Samsung Galaxy Store account.
  • Start the installer and execute all the steps, download the game included (they are almost 3 GB, eye mobile data).
  • Once you run Fortnite, register it with your Epic Games account.
  • When you are already inside the room go to the Fortnite store, to the paVos section (the icon on the right, at the end of the whole of the upper tab).
  • You will see that the iKONIKO skin appears to buy, although it comes out at 0 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S10 promotion.
  • Acquire the skin: you will have to log in with your Samsung account. You will not be charged anything.
  • Download the skin and you will have it associated with your Fortnite account. It comes with the “Scenario” gesture.
  • You have until December 31, 2019 to download the exclusive Fortnite skin for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The skin is based on Jung Chan-woo, the vocalist of the K-Pop band iKON. It is not as spectacular as the one Samsung gave with the Galaxy Note 9, but there is no doubt that it will add a touch of distinction to your Fortnite games.

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