How To Download and Setting Up Dogo App Profile

samerLast Update : Monday 12 November 2018 - 1:55 AM
How To Download and Setting Up Dogo App Profile

Majority of the dog apps fail to amass a cult following only because of their rigorous profile routine, the process is long and tiring and bugs off users.

However this is not the case with Dogo app, creators have spent ample amount of time in reducing the profile creation time and attention to detail like this is the main reason behind the wild success of Dogo app.

So once you’ve downloaded Dogo app from play store, you install the app and are directed to the main menu of the app. Here you would find an option of profile at the bottom. You click it and create your dog profile. The first field prompts you to enter your dog name, once you’ve entered your dog name; you are then asked to upload a picture of your beloved dog. Now this is where things get interesting, most dog training apps do not allow you to move to the next step until you’ve uploaded the picture of your dog. However Dogo is not like most apps and it allows it you to move on to the next step, where you’re asked about your dog’s breed.

Now you don’t need to enter the name of your dog breed, as you’re shown an alphabetically arranged list of all dog breeds and you can choose one from there. For people interested in knowing about various dog breeds, this list is no less than a blessing for them. As the list contains hundreds of breed names and henceforth it allows easy choice for you.

Moving on, you’re asked about the gender of your dog. You choose the gender and move on to the next screen, where you need to enter your dog’s birthday. Once the birthday is entered, you move on to the last screen, where you can set training reminders, This is another great feature as it empowers dog trainers and provides them with the freedom to choose their own hours. Moreover you only choose them once and you’re good for next six months as you’ll be reminded about the training through the app reminder. You choose the reminder timings and you’re good to go, your profile is created and finalized. Yes, it is as simple as explained, no hassle, no uploading the picture and boom you’ve got your own dog profile, which can be edited any time. So without any further due, download Dogo app from plat store and create your dog’s profile.

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