How To Download – Dog Buddy – My Dog File and First Aid

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How To Download – Dog Buddy – My Dog File and First Aid

Dogs are our best friends, they bring so much fun, happiness and even moving stories to us in our daily life.

Dog Buddy Free is a must have app for dog owners, which is available for iPhone/iPod Touch, you can write your dogs’ diaries, record the milestones of your dog and add the picture as souvenir, track your dogs’ weight, save your dog pictures, and track your dog’s veterinary, medications, vaccinations, allergies and other information relevant with your dogs. With this App you can share your dogs with your family and friends.

Also this app has some dog first aid instructions!

What should you do if something emergency happens to your dog? Such as fever, diarrhea, bleeding, do you know to do CPR or bandage your dog? Knowing some basic first aid procedures will help greatly to your dogs in case of emergency.

Features: ⁃ Supports both iPhone and iPad. ⁃ Write dairies for your dog. ⁃ Record milestones of your dog, birth, grow new teeth, fall in love etc, and you can also add photo on this module as souvenir. ⁃ Track your dog’s weight (kg or lbs). ⁃ Store your dogs’ photos as her personal album. ⁃ Edit veterinaries’ information, such as name, phone No., address and other notes. ⁃ Edit your dogs’ medication info, such as drug name, dosage, frequency, side effects and others. ⁃ Track your dogs’ vaccine info. ⁃ Track your dogs’ allergies info. ⁃ Edit other info you wish to store to your dog. ⁃ Dog first aid instruction lists. ⁃ Adds reminders for vaccine. ⁃ Supports WiFi Backup & Restore. ⁃ Supports Dropbox backup & restore. ⁃ Supports export data by email.

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