How to download YouTube videos on (iPhone/Android) Faster Without Cut !!

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How to download YouTube videos on (iPhone/Android) Faster Without Cut !!

YouTube announced this week that it will be updating its mobile application to present new features that will facilitate navigation between the videos.

These changes are designed to facilitate the way to enjoy the videos and give the user greater control of the reproduction of the videos on their mobile devices, since 70% of the visualizations of the content of the platform comes from them.

Within the new features users can find a new gesture for horizontal sliding, which will allow you to move forward and backward between the videos you are watching.

A swipe forward means to get to the next video, a swipe back means to go back to the previous video, and in this case the video will resume where it was the last time you saw it.

This new format of horizontal navigation from left to right allows YouTube users to move more easily through the content of the application, this could become an increase in the participation of them with the video per se.

At the same time, the team behind the update expects that the new feature – available to iOS users, up to now – also encourages users to use the mobile application for a longer period, which is summarized in more opportunities to monetize through advertising and other options.

This is not the first time that YouTube has made updates to the mobile application in recent months, as we remind you that recently included the Stories on the platform, as well as the controls of time on the screen, a night mode and playback automatic video on the home page, as a kind of preview feature.

It is normal that if the majority of the platform community uses the format for mobile devices, the team of developers will focus on the app to offer the best experiences and continue capitalizing on the market.

YouTube for Android and iOS will automatically play videos on the home screen

For quite some time, YouTube Premium users can enjoy the automatic video playback feature on the home screen. Due to the popularity that this feature has had among the Premium users of the video platform, the company announced today that it will also arrive by default to its Android and iOS app.

Although the automatic playback function will not offer the same background experience as in the Premium version, users will now be able to view videos from the home screen without having to go to the destination tab of that content.

Obviously, the deployment of this feature for users of the YouTube mobile app mainly seeks to increase the number of views in the videos of the platform, even if users decide not to watch the videos. Google said that the decision to take this feature to their mobile apps has to do with offering easier viewing on devices with minimal browsing possibilities.

If you are worried that the videos will be played accidentally with the volume turned on, the company has clarified that all the videos will be silenced automatically and the subtitles will be activated by default.

For Youtubers, the platform now has new algorithms that will allow them to create attractive videos to attract the audience on the homepage of each channel. Through a video, David Sharon, product manager of Google, explained the new changes in the platform.

In this regard, Sharon said that the company has worked to reduce the consumption of mobile data and automatic playback can contribute to this plan without having to watch the video in high resolution and consume more data. In any case, the fact that the users of the Premium version of YouTube have received this function in a good way does not mean that the same will happen with the users of the free version.

YouTube redesigns its embedded videos and adds direct access to channels

YouTube is focusing on offering a better experience for users based on changes in the design of its platform, and the most recent proof of this was the release of its mini player for the web last September. Now, embedded YouTube videos are getting a new look.

According to the 9to5Google website, YouTube has secretly updated the look of embedded videos with new shortcuts and easier use. In this sense, the ability to directly access a channel in the upper left corner of each embedded video has been added.

The best part of this is that if the user passes the mouse cursor over the shortcut icon, the number of subscribers of the channel, the name of the channel and the option to subscribe will be displayed. Even, a button was added to activate the notifications of the channel. For its part, the options of ‘Share’ and ‘See later’ are shown in the upper right corner of the video, however, the latter already existed.

At the moment, it is not clear what other changes arise from this redesign in embedded videos, however, YouTube has not yet officially informed about the change, which could suggest that new modifications could arrive soon.

Although it seems a small change, the truth is that not only users will benefit, but also the creators of content in the multimedia platform, since now they will have much more possibility to gather subscribers without the need for the user to enter directly to YouTube. In the case of musicians and media, the growth of subscribers could be very large from this positive change. Here’s an example of how this new design works.

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