Although we must take into account the weaning age of dogs so that our puppy does not suffer malnutrition problems in the future, sometimes we are faced with the sad situation that the mother has passed away or has rejected their puppies for some reason. If we are faced with any of these cases, knowing how to feed a newborn baby without a mother will be essential to ensure its survival.

Aunque la leche materna es el alimento más completo para los bebés, podemos suplir esta carencia en la alimentación de los cachorros sin madre gracias a los compuestos de leche especial para bebés que venden en las clínicas veterinarias.

Once we have this liquid formula, feeding a puppy without a mother should be done every 3 hours using a nipple or bottle. Do not be surprised that your dog asks for his dog food in the wee hours of the morning. When feeding a puppy dog without a mother we will have to behave as the mother would do.

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