How to get your dog to accept another puppy !

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How to get your dog to accept another puppy !

Often coexistence between dogs is not usually the best. So, if you are about to bring a new pet home, see how to get your dog to accept it.

  • How to Insert a New Dog into the Home

If you have one or more dogs at home and you are thinking about getting a new member to the pack, pay attention to these tips so that the integration is complete, harmonious and you can welcome the new pet, without problems, jealousy or confrontations .

  • How to introduce the new dog

Dogs are recognized by sniffing, and generally do so in prone areas of the body, such as the rear. This is due to the fact that the aromas that the organisms give away are a true language that allows other animals to know their intentions.

A good way to begin integrating a new dog with other pets is to perform the presentation ourselves. To do this, take the new pet by holding it in the air and with its rear to the front, so you can gently grasp your head between your ribs and your elbow, as a precaution.

“Offer the new dog’s butt to be sniffed. This behavior, in canine language, denotes submission.”

Gently, call your other dog, or others (always first to the leader of the group) and offer the back of the new to be sniffed. This behavior, in canine language, denotes submission, and will allow the previous dogs to welcome this new animal that, according to this action, does not come seeking to win the place of Alpha to the leader.

  • How to avoid jealousy of your pet when another dog arrives

Do not forget that jealousy is an animal behavior. If your dog is used to being the center of attention, bringing a new member can cause these feelings of abandonment and aggression. Much more when the new dog is a puppy, which everyone will want to raise in their arms, pet and play with him.

To avoid jealousy of the old pet, make sure you pay close attention, lots of love, so that you understand that “there are caresses for all”. For example, you can pet your old dog with one hand, and the new with the other. These affections simultaneously will tell the dog that the affection is not subtracted towards him, as you would explain it to a human child.

  • Respect the leading dog

The oldest dog in the house will be the default leader, or the strongest and most agile. Do not try to break with this canine culture, because dogs will define the order in their clan. By giving them their food, for example, it tries to establish a dish for each one and to respect the places and times of all. Separate dishes with each other to avoid conflicts. If you serve the food in a single dish you will see how the leader of the group is the one who eats more and first, leaving the rest to others and endangering the health of new or needy new dogs.

“It will be the dogs who define order in their clan, do not try to break with this canine culture.”

Something similar will happen with sleeping spoons or mattresses, with toys and almost any accessible item. Let them determine the order of priorities, but make sure that both the old dog and the new dog receive good food, entertainment and water daily.

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