The first three months of life are especially important for the puppy’s life. Discover what are the abnormalities that can occur, and what should be the normal behavior of the mother with her puppies.
  • Characteristics of the newborn puppies

Puppies are born with their eyes and ears closed. They do not walk, but rather crawl. The hind legs practically do not move them, they only move for heat with the front legs.
Both the nervous and the muscular systems are not fully developed, and will only be formed over the course of days.

As soon as the puppy is born, it usually begins to crawl in the form of circles looking for a source of heat. It must be taken into account that, when breastfeeding, the mammary area of ​​the mother has a higher temperature than the rest of the body, and to that place the puppy is mobilized.

Newborn puppies open their eyes between 10 and 15 days of life, although sometimes they delay a little more. But the fact that the eyelids are peeled off does not mean that they see clearly. From the 25 days begin to define images.
They can perceive strong sounds at about 20 days, until that period they have no notion, through the sound, of what happens around them.

“When the mother does not have enough milk or the pups are very numerous, you can feed the puppies with a supplement to the breast milk.”

If the mother does not give them warmth or attention, the puppies emit sound signals, which are known as “moans of helplessness”

  • Feeding of lactating dogs

The first few days only feed on breast milk, with it receive antibodies to defend against viral diseases. A bitch with her daily vaccinations will pass her puppies more antibodies than one that has them overdue.

When the mother does not have enough milk or the farts (pups) are very numerous, from the day 12 or 13 can be given to puppies papilla type, regardless of continuing to breastfeed. In normal cases it starts offering a good balance approximately at 20 days, which is when the amount of milk of the dog begins to decrease and the puppies require more food.

During breastfeeding, as it is a period of great wear and tear, the dog must receive balanced food of very good quality (they are often given puppy food because they are richer in protein), and in ALL the amount that the dog wants. Unlike the time of pregnancy, it is necessary to take care that it is not overfed to prevent it from reaching the birth with excessive weight.

  • Care of the dog towards newborn puppies

When the dog licks the newborns it does with enough energy, even, wallows them on the floor. This is to mobilize the puppy and exercise his muscular system. In addition, the licking on the tummy and around the sphincters of their children are to stimulate urination and defecation. It is done in the first three weeks, although some puppies begin to mobilize their digestive and urinary system a little earlier. Anyway, good mothers continue to clean the puppies longer.

“In the first days of life the puppies are isolated from the outside world, since their vision and ears are not developed.”

If the dog does not perform this task or stops doing it early, with a cotton swab moistened in warm, squeezed water, the puppies’ genital and perineal area should be massaged to help them meet their needs. This work should be done every two to three hours after the puppies are finished nursing, and until the puppies do not need help to fulfill their organic functions.

With these simple explanations you will be able to help your pet to raise their small children, who soon will become part of your family.

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