How to Know if Your Dog is Overweight

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How to Know if Your Dog is Overweight

The extra kilos are not a problem that only affects humans, dogs are also overweight. Let’s see how to identify this condition and help them regain their normal shape.

  • How to Help an Overweight Dog

“Stuffed and healthy” is not one of the phrases we would use in dogs. Being overweight in dogs is a huge enemy to overcome, as those extra kilos that give curves to your pet can lead to joint damage, tendonitis, loss of mobility and many other health problems, including the development of diabetes and other diseases. diseases.

Pets, like humans, can have a few extra pounds. The question is in the activities they carry out: an animal that neither walks nor is taken for a walk does not waste its energies, and accumulates negative fats with many more dangers than it represents in people.

“Surprising dogs can cause joint damage, tendonitis, loss of mobility and many other health problems.”

Method to know if the dog is overweight

Each dog breed and typology responds to a table that indicates the recommended normal weight according to its age and size. The vet can help you know for sure if your animal is overweight, although you can recognize it yourself at home.

Stand in front of a large mirror, and ask your dog to stand on two legs over your chest or stomach. Analyze the shape of the animal: at the height of the belly you should notice the shape of a more remarked waist; On the other hand, if your body is cylindrical and solid, you can be overweight.

Palpation is another good way to recognize overweight in dogs, especially long-haired dogs. Carefully touch your abdomen and chest to identify deposits of fat (you will notice them fluffy), or if you feel your bones in doing so. If you distinguish the ribs, you will have a normal weight.

“If your dog is overweight, take him out for a walk every day so he can burn the accumulated fats and renew his energies.”

Tips to help the dog lose weight

  • If your dog is overweight, help him recover his good figure and prevent physical discomfort. Take him out for walks every day, at least for a walk in the neighborhood, so he can burn the accumulated fats and renew their energies. At first it may cost you a little, but encourage him to go around the block to begin with, and then go on spreading the route. Do not “bribe” them with goodies, because if you do, you will easily learn to stand still and wait for your reward before continuing.
  • Make the necessary changes in your diet. If you give him homemade food, it decreases the contribution of fats and increases that of fibers, proteins and vitamins. If you give balanced food you have two options: buy the low calorie version, or reduce the amount of rations. In an adult can, two daily rations are enough.
  • In the same container of the food you can know the recommended amount according to the weight and size of your dog, but there is a trick to apply here: define the amount from the ideal weight of your animal, not the current one. You reduce the ration slowly, so that your dog does not suffer anguish by this less feeding.
  • Avoid giving treats and calorie foods. Instead, get used to eating these healthy fruits, or vegetable snacks (such as carrot sticks, apples and others), so as not to accumulate fats in your body.
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