How to prevent the dog from entering the pool

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How to prevent the dog from entering the pool

If your dog likes to dive into your pool, leaving a kind of algae with your hair, you will want to prevent it from entering without your permission. Here we tell you how to educate him.

What to do so that the dog does not enter the pool

Depending on the breed of your animal, it is likely that in the sweltering heat of summer you will see with affection those crystalline and refreshing waters that remain at your disposal. Many like to play with their pet in the pool, while others have a huge difficulty: their can throw dirt and hair into the water, plugging the filters and making maintenance difficult. But the dog can be taught not to enter the water, without painful punishments and with great efficiency.

Educate the dog not to enter the pool

Under no circumstances do we support the mistreatment of animals, but we do understand that sometimes it is necessary to scold the animal for its better education. In some dogs a small cry or raise a little the voice will suffice, but others are somewhat more rebellious and reckless, and they reach a situation where the shouts are only indicative of their behavior.

“Use a newspaper roll to scold the dog. When you hit it on the back, the paper will bend and you will not feel pain, but its sound will scare you.”

In these cases, what we propose is the traditional trick of rolled paper: make a tube with a sheet of newspaper and use it to scold the animal. If you are going to hit it, do it on the back of the spine (above the tail) and not on the face: the paper will bend and you will not feel pain, but its sound will scare you.

Scamming the newspaper has another advantage: when an evildoer arrives home, the animal will not be frightened nor take respect for a threat of blow with a stick or with the hand, and will be able to defend itself. Let’s admit this: it is very unlikely that a thief will come with a roll of newspaper in his hand, will not he?

A pool for the dog

In addition to scolding the dog when approaching the pool or trying to submerge, you must reward him for his good deed to stay out. The animal does not seek to make you angry, but to be refreshed by the heat, with an undeniable innocence and naturalness. That’s why you need to have a good amount of fresh water to drink, renewing it once or twice a day and every time it gets dirty, so you always have drink ready to quench your thirst.

“If the dog likes water, take advantage of an old basin or an old pool of canvas so you can cool off.”

You also need to give him a way to cool him down. If the dog likes water, offer an old basin or an old small (or baby-sized) swimming pool if your children no longer use it. Your pet needs to cool its body, particularly if it has long, bulky fur (which is why you will not want it to enter the pool). Having a special little pool for him or her will be sensational, will solve the problem, and will be much simpler for everyone.

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