How to Teach a Dog to Not Urinate in the House !!

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How to Teach a Dog to Not Urinate in the House !!
Once the puppy enters our life we are responsible for his actions, and we must teach him to do his needs outside the house.
  • How to teach the dog to urinate away from home

Does your dog have his needs all over the house? Keep in mind that for your pet to pee in or out is just a matter of habit. And every custom needs a time to settle down.

We must not forget that a puppy learns slowly and takes a bit to assimilate everything that is told, so we have to have special patience with him. We must teach him from the beginning what the rules are and who rules.

  • Tips for the dog to urinate wherever you want

  1.  The problem of urine has an easy solution, we have to choose the right place to do it, we put some newspapers there (or a box with earth or sand). Each time we see him urinate we will drag him gently to the chosen place.
  2.  Instead, you want to teach him to pee directly outside of your house, it is almost the same, when we notice that he wants to do his needs, we accompany him outside and we stay for a while until he does. At that moment we talk softly, so that you notice that your owner likes what he is doing and where he is doing it.
  3.  We can induce him to urinate, for example, when we wake up in the morning. To do this at that time we take him to where he has to pee and we stay there with him five minutes. We can also repeat the operation after eating, in the afternoon and at the last hour. That way you will organize your schedules and yours.
  4.  When you notice that you are doing it where you do not, you say it with a sharp voice, NO !, and you take it outside or where the newspapers are. In this way you will learn that this is wrong.
  5. You will see that with patience and constancy, your dog will learn and will incorporate this habit for his whole life.
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