How to Teach the Dog to Bark When Needed

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How to Teach the Dog to Bark When Needed
If you want your dog to be a guardian, you must teach him to distinguish in which cases he should bark and in which he should not. We explained a technique to train him.
  • How to Train a Watchdog

It is well known that dogs are the preferred pets of humans. There is a lot of chemistry between them, but not all the time the relationship between the dog and its owner is solely company, because canines can also play an important role as guardians of the home … as long as we know how to train them for this work.

  • What a guard dog should not do

There are two things we do not want a guard dog to do: The first is to attack any stranger who approaches your property. This aggressive attitude could harm an innocent and even entail legal problems; and secondly, you should not bark at anything that catches your attention, because if you have this habit you will end up getting tired of you and your neighbors, and you will not be alerted more to the sound of your pet.

“It is important that the training process begins from the first day the dog arrives home.”

For these reasons, we have to teach our dog to bark when it is really necessary, and that is the purpose of this article.

  • How to train the dog to bark in case of danger

It is important that the training process starts from the first day the dog arrives home.

The technique is simple but laborious, it is based on Pablov’s theory of learning. Every time (or every time) the dog barks, you must go to the place where it is. If you are barking at a really dangerous situation, like a stranger approaching your house or someone trying to open the door, you must give him affection and some treat; but if the dog barked at something you did not want to pay attention to, then you will say a firm “NO”, and with the index and middle fingers of one of the hands, you will give a small tap on the nose (the blow should be soft, as it is to annoy him and not to inflict pain). In this way, the dog will understand in which situations he will have to bark and in which he will not.

“Following this technique, the dog will understand in which situations it will have to bark and in which it will not.”

The dog breeds that are most easily learned from this work are the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pincher, the Rottweiler, the Scottish Terrier, the West Highland White Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzers. So if you have a pet of these races the task should be simpler, but this does not mean that other races can not learn it. It is a matter of having a lot of patience and determination, and you will see that in time your dog will learn to bark only when you think it necessary.

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