How to train the dog to be inside the house

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How to train the dog to be inside the house
If you have a large dog where it is most convenient that you are outside the home, sometimes you can let it into the house, but it will have to be trained and educated so that it does not become a problem.

In times of cold or excessive heat, pets (particularly large dogs) prefer to be inside the house, sheltered from the weather, from the rains, and close to the rest of the family. But sometimes their presence indoors can be problematic, especially if we have not trained or accustomed to being in the home.

So that the dogs can be inside the house we must teach them some basic points, like not getting on the furniture (armchairs, beds and others), not scratching doors, not barking inside the house, let alone doing their needs.

In case you are already suffering from these disadvantages, it is always good to have a few tricks. For example, if your dog peed on the carpet, you can rub it with ice cubes to prevent the bad smell from appearing, before doing the final cleaning. Then, clean the carpet in the most appropriate way, and follow the advice we give you to keep it in good condition.

Following the training so that the dog can be inside the house, we must ensure that the animal is not bored to avoid dealing with furniture and clothes nibbled. To do this we will give you several toys, such as a solid ball or a toy for dogs, so that the animal is free to play in its place.

If you are going to give him bones to gnaw, you have to accustom him to do it in his corner, to avoid excessive dirtiness. Choose preferably cow bones or large, that do not splinter and create less waste, and will be safer for the animal.

If the dog is going to stay alone inside the house, make sure it is not too long. Do not leave it unattended for more than four hours in a row, especially during the first few days, as the animal will try to attract attention, probably mistreating furniture, openings or clothing.

Finally, do not forget to give him the necessary exercise. Even if the dog is inside the home, choose the most convenient time (higher or lower temperature in the day) to let him go out to play, and so he can exercise. Do not forget to take it out several times a day for a few minutes to make your needs outside.

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