How to translate languages using the camera and without installing applications !!

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How to translate languages using the camera and without installing applications !!

Imagine you have a sign in another language and want to translate it instantly using the phone. Install an application? You do not need it.

If you ever visited another country you will have encountered the difficulty of moving through its streets and public transport even despite knowing the language. Luckily we have the mobile and applications such as Google Translator: just insert the text, or take a picture, to have it transcribed into our language. But what if we told you that you can do this with everything you already have on your mobile? Yes, without installing anything.

Google recently updated its Lens application, included within the Assistant, offering a utility that until now was only available within the translator or Google Translate: the flight translation of texts using augmented reality. Thanks to this you have the full power of the Artificial Intelligence of the company at your service. And without installing any application.

Use Google Lens to translate texts with your mobile camera and augmented reality

With this Google Lens feature, imported from, translator, you have an impressive tool capable of translating any text on the fly. Simply select the source language (or leave it automatic), choose the target language, point the camera at the text and shortly after you will see the translated words overprinted. It seems magic.

To use this function already included in your phone you just have to do the following:

  • Open Google Assistant by saying “Ok, Google”, by pressing and holding the Home button or by clicking on its application (install it from here).
  • For voice recognition by clicking on the three color points.
  • Click on the lens icon, the one that appears to the left of the microphone.
  • If you have never used Google Lens you must accept its conditions.
  • Additionally, you can save the previous steps by installing direct access to Google Lens.
  • Once Lens opens you will see five icons appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the left, which looks like a Chinese letter.
  • Select the languages ​​in the lower area: automatic on the left; yours on the right.
  • Point to any text in another language and you will see on screen what it means in your language.
  • In this simple way you can translate any text you have in front of you without the need to install more applications: your Android already provides you with the necessary tools. Of course: to use Google Lens you need to have an Internet connection.

All these changes would be welcome, but it is also possible that some of the functions you already have do not use many, and therefore the same happened with these developments. Or maybe not? Time will tell if Google decides to make the translator somewhat more mixed with a dictionary, or is limited to translating single words by improving its translation and ways of translation.

These are some ideas but, after all, everything is limited to the use that each one gives: whoever uses it every day will know more about what is lazy and how it can help you, while a user who checks a word from time to time when he will be delighted while that word does not fail. What else could the translator improve on?

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