Uber charges you more for telling you that you are going with a pet : Uber Petd

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Uber charges you more for telling you that you are going with a pet : Uber Petd

The transport service opens a function to notify the driver that his passenger will take a pet.

If we take a look at Uber’s policies on traveling with pets – which curiously come out in English while on the Spanish website -, the private driver service tells us that “According to local laws in the area, service animals they can accompany the Users at any moment ”, being understood by these the guide dogs for example. What happens to non-service animals, such as a normal dog or cat? They can also travel, although there is a requirement: the hired driver must agree to it.

According to Uber, “If you plan to travel with a pet, it is advisable to contact the Driver who accepted your travel request”, using the app to send a text message or call to inform you that you would like to take your pet.

How to order an Uber from Google Maps

The truth is that Google Maps has a trick that allows us to use Uber without having the application installed. The only condition is to have an Uber account, and connect that Uber account with our Google account. Once we have done it, we can do all the routes we want.

The steps to do so are as follows. It can be done from Android and from iOS, with the Google Maps application.
  1. We search our destination in Google Maps in a conventional way
  2. Once we have it, click on «How to arrive«
  3. Among the options we select the taxi, the icon that has a stickman with suitcase and arm raised
  4. We select Uber from the options
  5. We choose the service we want and click on continue – If this is the first time, you will ask us to connect to our Uber account – If we want to make changes, such as adding a payment method, it will take us to the Uber website to make them
  6. Select the point where we want to be picked up and confirm by clicking on «Book«

From then on, Google Maps will let us know when the car is ready, and it will show us how we move along the route. You will also notify us with a notification when finished, although we will receive a conventional Uber invoice to our email.

Pay more to notify the driver

In fact, if you forget to bring a blanket so that the pet does not dirty the upholstery, “some [Uber] drivers may have a blanket in the trunk.” But of course, you expose yourself to the driver rejecting the trip and you have to start looking for another one, or if you do not notify him by the app, that in person he tells you that he does not accept pets. Therefore, Uber tests a new function in its application to correct this problem.

Called Uber Pet, the function allows you to arrange an Uber notifying you instantly that you are going to go with a pet, which allows you to be sure that this driver will take your dog, cat, etc. without putting you in any way and without having to notify you apart from booking trip. The initiative will be tested on October 16 in several US cities at the moment, with the idea of ​​exporting it to the rest of the world if it works well:

  • Austin
  • Denver
  • Nashville
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Tampa Bay

Uber Pet will be more expensive

But of course, nothing is free in this world, and that small tranquility insurance will be accompanied by a monetary “small surcharge” along with the price of the journey itself. Therefore, traveling safely with our pets in Uber will cost a little more expensive if we use Uber Pet. And according to the company, “a significant amount of that surcharge” will go to the driver’s pocket along with the gain of the trip itself. The advantage for Uber drivers is that they can mark in the app whether or not they want to receive requests from Uber Pet.

And what about Cabify or MyTaxi?

Uber is not the only option that allows us to use Google Maps. It also allows us to check the prices of Cabify and MyTaxi (conventional taxi) on the same route. The difference is that we cannot request it through Google Maps, we will have to complete the application in the application of each service.

Yes, it is useful to check the price of each trip. Google Maps is able to show if Uber has the active price multiplier, and takes it into account when predicting the cost of the service. So we can use it to find the cheapest alternative without binding to a single service.

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